Goblet vs Back Squat

A quick question.

I am doing 531 Boring but big. But I seem have recently started to struggle to do the 5x10 squat sets. Have dropped weight. But something just doesn’t seem right. May be more of a mental block or aching knees or a combination. But who knows!

I wanted to ask has anybody replaced the 5x10 barbell squats with goblet squats? What are your results? These some how feel better and I seem to get more depth when doing them. Any opinion will be appreciated.

Goblet squats are a great exercise, and with my long legs I hate back squats. (I do almost all front squats now). At some point it will be tough to increase the weight on them to keep up with the 5/3/1 percentages. But you can do slower eccentrics and pauses at the bottom to make them a little harder with lighter weight. If they feel better for your knees, do them.