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Goblet Squats Help Regular Squats?


Goblet squat doesn’t seem to carry over to reg squat technique imo. I can GS heavy dbs but my sq technique isn’t similar. Any ideas please


I like to use goblet squats as a warmup for back squatting. I like to squat to a low box. Goblet squats mimic high bar back squats or front squats.

I’m more of a low bar back squatter. I guess the only carryover is squat depth and the ability to focus on keeping my knees out.



You pretty much asked the same thing months ago…
Annoyed. Goblet Squat is Beastly but No Carryover

Why would you think they would exactly in the first place? The location of the actual weight in each version is different… which is going to dictate slight variation in leverage and in turn changing technique slightly.