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Goblet Squats First Before Front Squats

is that the correct progression???ty

I do goblet squats before back squatting.

Will start to a box for a set or two and then remove the box for a set or two.

I would do unilateral core work before any lifting such as one handed deadlifts.

Do you mean as technical progression? Like when teaching a lifter that’s brand spanking new to lifting for any reason, the technical difficulty goes in order like this:

bodyweight squat (may or may not need to hold onto something for balance)---->goblet squat (can sit back to a box to learn how to hip hinge in a squat)---->front squat since its self correcting since leaning over will end up with you dumping the bar---->high bar squat---->low bar squat

I didn’t include overhead squats because I think they’re best used as a diagnostic tool or part of a warm up for most people.