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Goblet Squats Before Deadlifts?

Has anyone done goblet squats before dead lifts as a way to help with hip mobility before heavy lifting?

I just warm-up with some mobility exercises. But, try it, see if it affects your performance in a good way. If it doesn’t, then don’t do them.

Goblet squats can be part of a great way to warm up. For example, an effective warm up: 75 KB swings, 25 goblet squats, 3 KD TGU’s. Done in three parts of 25 swings, ~8 goblets, and 1 get up for each side.

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Actually did it yesterday since i dint feel too awake, just did two sets with a 25kg DB for like 15 reps then went on to deads starting with 60kg. Worked out great, woke me up everything went well.

Yes. I have athletes do them differently; we do it with hurdle duck unders. A friend of mine uses this with his taller athletes (BBall players) and it has done wonders.

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hey Jim, how can I incorporate the goblet squats into my routine/warm up to get the most bang for my buck? Should I do them before my warm-up or as part of my warm-up or after my warm-up and how many sets and reps? thanks

Doing them submaximally first would BE warming up in itself.

Anyway, you could even go them maximally for sets of 8 or more before deadlifts and that would be fine too. People put blind rules on what can be done first in a workout. Granted one wouldn’t do maximal goblet squats first in every workout if they were competing but that’s a different story.

Any type of squat is a good warmup for deadlift, I do front squats on these days warming up to an easy single maybe 70-80% of max. And because I need to warmup for even squats I do goblets (1-2 sets) before that.

It’s pretty simple - you know how you do different things to warm-up prior to lifting? You just do goblet squats as part of it. I don’t know if I understand what the question is.

How many sets/reps? - 3-5 sets of 5-10 reps or so. The lower rep sets are generally because we hold at bottom, move back and forth, etc. Just do them so that your hips/legs are ready.

So think about what you do for a warm-up - some push-ups, hip mobility, jumping rope, mace swings, KB get-ups…now just add in or substitute goblet squats. Very easy and simple unless there is some kind of warm-up that after 30 years, I am not aware of.