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Goblet or Landmine Squat as Supplemental Lift? No Front Squat

due to my long legs i want to try change my main lift on the leg day to one of the above, i don’t want to do front squats yet until my wrist gets better.
love for some feedback on what everyone thinks and also if possible what jim thinks about it

thank you

As assistance- it’s fine. Not as supplemental.

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I know mr Wendler hates them but I have as good a feeling as the FS with the zercher squat. Otherwise SSB squat

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If you have a pair of male end/female end (the loop on one side) lifting straps, you can use them on front squats if the position hurts your wrists.

Just drape the excess over the top of the bar, then choke up on it. I wish it was easier to explain, but it will look similar to using a towel around a bar for pull ups.

If you search “front squat with straps” on Google, a number of videos come up for it. Worked wonders for me.

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Not exactly the same thing but I tried to use 5/3/1 rep schemes and % progression with weighted dips back when I was hell bent on not doing the bench due to shoulder pain - it just didn’t work.
I’d expect goblet and landmine squats to go the same way.

Some unclear points tho:
-are back squats still your movement for main work? Are you looking to do a different movement just for supplemental (eventually, why?) or to entirely replace main and supplemental work with a different movement (again, why?);
-what do you mean with long legs? I’m a dwarf but my femurs are very long compared to torso (which is what usually screws with the squatting mechanics), what would be your purpose? Do you want something that targets the legs more and forces you into a more idealized squat pattern?
-what’s the wrist issue you mentioned?

If you’re still back squatting as main movement and want to change things up for supplemental, you could front squat with straps as suggested above, if that option still bugs your wrists you could try the crossed arms stance on front squats, it should take your whole hand out of the movement. Something I’m gonna try due to the thumb tendinopathy I’m dealing with. Not a perfect/optimal option, but you’d still be doing an actual barbell squat.

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