Well today was the first time I went to the gym since I started training (I trained at home for about 6 monthes) Basically I just went in and determined my 1RM for the excersises I plan to use in my routine.

Bench press- 135lb (yes I know it sucks)
Military press- 95lb (even worse)
Squat- 195lb (ok)
Deadlift- 205lb (ok)
Dumbell snatch- 55lb
Dembell clean and press- 55lb

Right now I weigh 190 and am 6’2". My goal is to by the end of the year have 2xBW Squat and Deadlift and a BW bench press. Is the a realistic goal? To hard? to easy?


I’m not going to comment on your goals or anything, because I don’t know enough to guess on that. I do have a question, though.

I know you said you were working out at home, but is this your first time doing some of these lifts?

In my limited experience, you’re going to have a significant increase in weight the first month or so, just because your muscles are adapting to the new motions/exercises. (Someone please correct me if this is off, but i’ve seen it happen numerous times with all different types of people).

So your 1RM right now may not be your true 1RM once your muscles adjust to the new motions.

If you are new to relatively new to training, you could get to the 1x BW bench press in a year but the 2x BW squat and deadlift will be a bit harder to achieve regardless of you being new or not.


This is basically (slightly modified) the progam I will be using. One of the reasons I chose it is that progression is fairly simple. As soon as you can do 15 reps you simply add more wieght, so I think I should be able to compensate for the beginners gain.

Also I have a wicked newbie question: Can you do bench presses in the power rack? If yes how do you set up the pins?

Nice program.

Sure you can do BPs in the pwoer rack. I dunno why yopu’d want to unless you were doing lockouts though.

Well I want to do Power rack bench presses becuase I train alone and don’t really trust the other people at the gym (mostly cause I don’t know any of them) And since I’m working at or near 1RM I’m afraid of loosing control and getting squished.

Its seem like I would have to set the bars on the rack at alittle above my chest height, this mean I would not be able to bring the bar all the way down to my chest for full ROM. This kinda feels like cheating to me. Am I missing something about bench press form?

P.S, Whats a lock out?