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Goals: Some Threads Are Worth Periodically Repeating

I think that periodically asking what peoples goals are is a pretty good thread. We can get a fair “snapshot” of the Forum Community; and it’s a way to compare your goals with others.

My goal is two fold: 1) A “light and tight”, aesthetic body with a build between the “Men’s Health” look and the Natural Bodybuilder; “aesthetically” big, but not “huge”. You know; the look that gets “glances, giggles and smiles” but not "stares, sneers and “yucks”! 2) Enough functional strengh that I can maintain for years to come. I want to be able to stay as active just as long as I can.

The floor is now yours!

I have to say that I do not believe in goals, I think they are self imposed limits. if it is a goal to do the best I can in the gym and get in the best shape I can than I guess that is it but when people set goals like “I wanna bench 400 by the new year” I believe they are setting needless limits on themselves. as always peace

Gotta disagree on this one hetyey. 1)A goal provides a focus which many people need. (Myself included). If not, they tend to flounder, and eventually go nowhere. 2) Setting a goal and doing your best are not “either/or”. I set goals AND do my best in the gym. 3) A goal should not represent an end. When I “reach” a goal, I simply set the next one. By approaching my workouts in this way ,I stay fired-up and hungry.(P.S.Thanks for the Chest input!)

Goals are self imposed limits? Gotta totally disagree with that one. If your goal is simply “I want to get bigger”, then you need an education on what goals are. If it’s not measurable and has a deadline, then it’s not a goal, it’s a wish. Will you always hit the goal? No. Goals can and will be revised. Also, you should always have the next goal ready before you hit your current goal. As for the “Do the best I can” thing, that’s definitely a mental limit. “I did the best I could” is one of the biggest cop outs I’ve heard. BB’ing is all about doing better than your best.

Actually Hetyey is pretty much on target here. In business, there have been many studies performed that found that when a company had a bonus scheme that topped out when a certain goal was reached, the company very rarely exceeded that goal. The managers squirelled away profits to meet the next year’s goal. However, when bonuses became without limits, companies grew like wildfire. The biggest proponent of this is Joel Stern who invented the concept of EVA(Economic Value Added) to remunerate ALL employees, not just executives. Many successful companies such as Coca Cola and GE have adopted similar concepts to continue to fuel their growth. Goals should never be the end. They should only be considered stepping stones that when reached, point to the previously known next step.

C’MON,guys! Let’s get into the spirit of the tread, okay? You mean that you would have me believe that you go through the pain/ectasy/torture/pleasure of Pushing the Iron, dieting and cardio with absolutely NO IDEA OR CONCEPT OF ACCOMPLISHING ANYTHING IN THE END? So… that means you probably don’t ever get on a scale, look in a mirror, pinch your waist or even give much consideration to diet or exercise technique? Why bother with those things? They are simply measures of accomplishment…of reaching certain GOALS. Forgive the cynacism…but I fail to believe that you have no goals or that your exercise and diet efforts are as non-descript and NON goal oriented as taking a leak…So the question remains, but maybe I should re-phrase the question: WHAT DO YOU ALL HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH BY YOUR WEIGHT LIFTING, DIETING AND CARDIO? (I guess I’ll eliminate the “G” word…geez…)

I think goals are essential, but you need to make realistic and appropriate goals. If you set yourself up for failure, well, then you fail. Anyway, Mufasa, you know what my goals are. So I’m plugging away. Also, I sent you a thread that maybe you didn’t see. I have more bike info for you. Get in touch with me and I’ll give you the scoop.

Okay, I’ll bite. My lifting goals are (all by January 1, 2002): squat - 240x10; deadlift - 270x8 ; pullups - bodyweight plus 50 lb for 10 reps; dips - bodyweight plus 40 lb for 8 reps. Others: drop bodyfat level low enough to see full sixpack by June, 2002; retire by age of 45 (I’m 37 now). Is that more along the lines of what you’re looking for?

Good Thread! and those of you who say you don’t work towards goals…why do you work out? If you are trying to lose weight then you have an idea of where you want to be and what you want to look like - that’s a goal. If you truly do not have any goals, then what motivates you?

My current goal is long range, but specific. I am planning to attend the Arnold Classic in 2002, I will be completing in the Pump and Run (bench press and 5k race.) Since I will be wearing my Testosterone shirt for the competition I want to make sure I live up to it!!! Using this year’s results, I am shooting for a top 10 finish and am training towards that.

Of course, this means losing weight, increasing my bench, and dropping my 5k time by about 4 minutes. Right now I'm working on number 3, which is helping with 1. It'll be a lot of work to get all everything accomplished, but I'm sure gonna try!

Mufasa it looks like this thread is going South quickly. – PLEASE, It would be nice if perhaps ONLY those people who actually have goals respond to this thread. I ask the people without goals (i.e., those people who do not believe in goals) to kindly not respond since this thread clearly doesn’t pertain to YOU! Whew!! Having said that, my goals are similar to yours. I don’t want to be freaky hugh, because maintaining symmetry is important to me. I think Hardy on Big Brother has a nice build. Wouldn’t mind looking like that. My overall Health and how I feel is also very important. For this reason, I probably do more cardio than most which I’m sure limits my gains, but that’s OK for me.

Avoid Roids, as for not exceeding goals in companies, solution: Set higher goals.

By January 7, 2002 (my 25th B-Day) My goals: Bench 225 just once (getting over serious shoulder injury) Dead 400x5 Squat 350x5 and nail a lingerie model.

Nothing too specific, but I want to be as strong as possibe at a light weight, a lean 165. ` PJ

Krak, unfortunately that does not work. What happens is that if the goals are set too high, managers become resigned to no bonus and either coasts or looks for other employment. What does work is having limitless goals with measurable criteria. As for the folks having a bad hair day on this thread, sorry for the diversion.

I’m exactly with Mufasa. ripped at 190 - 200 from a 5’9" frame and EXTREMELY small wrists and joints…it will look impressive

At 6’0, I wanna be 240 & all cut up, & I’ll use drugs if I have to. I don’t think goals are self-imposed limits, why would you even go to the gym in the 1st place?

Man…I’d really like to built like Frank Shamrock…solid, functional and carved to the bone. A more realistic goal for me though is definitely a Mens Health cover dude. I’d like to get a bit bigger, but I don’t seem to be straying much further than 77-80kg and around 73kg ripped.

I’d like to be 280 at between 10 and 15% bodyfat and be as strong as possible at that weight. I’m 6’7" and 260 right now. I just want to get to 280 and see how I feel. As long as I can still dunk a basketball at 280 and my frame will hold up ok, I might try to stay at that weight. I don’t really have a reason other than to challenge myself and the fact that I like to lift heavy. Avoids, you’re talking apples and oranges, just stick to the topic or leave it alone.

I’m 5’9" 193lbs. 6% bf, 25 years old, never juiced yet, maybe in the future. Awesome proportions throughout body. Goals are: need to raise my vertical from 36 to 42 inches. Run 100 meter in 10.2 from 10.8 seconds. Bench 2X body weight, Squat 2.5X body weight, deadlift 3X body weight. Ideally want to be around 215-220lbs. If I have the Lord’s blessing i will struggle till the end. laters pk

sory but I had to respond one more time to make my point. I don’t need goals to push myself because I want to see how far I can go. when I say to do the best I can I mean it, if I went to the gym w/ a “goal” of upping my deads 2 reps if I do but I could have done more what does that prove, it proves in that workout I QUIT before I should have, and if I don’t get it I would feel like shit afterwards, but if for many reasons that WAS the best I could do that day I should not feel like I failed. you can put anything in place of the 2 rep example, make it squat 550x5 by sept. 30th, the same thing applies. but if it is just to push myself to the limit of what my body can do then as long as I do that I will always feel good about my work in the gym. peace

Hey Mufasa, I have a goal. I want to be huge, massive and strong enough to crush bricks with my bare hands. I used to be “fit and trim,” but all it got me was chicks. Now, I’m big and people notice. The girl who cuts my hair today couldn’t keep her hands off my left bicep. It was so funny. She actually put her stuff down so she could squeeze it with both hands. Everyone likes the “fit and trim” look. What’s not to like? But the people who like strong musculature REALLY seem to like it. Big, massive strength (not fat)is damn cool, and I love knowing that I can tie most guys in a knot. It makes my fine looking wife feel good too, because she knows that wherever she goes with me, she is well protected. My body is built for fight, not flight.