Goals (short/long) term

I?m hoping that someone can help me out with training philosophy and supplement choices. I?m about 6 foot and 215 right now with 16% bf. I?ve been weight training for many years with varying degrees of intensity. I have a tendency to stay pretty lean but any excess fat I carry right around my waste. I have a weight training program that I am pretty happy with right now but I uncertain of what else I should be doing in order to reach my long and short term goals. I?m not doing any cardio right now and the only supplement that I take is a whey protein powder. Short term, I?ve got to lose the gut. Long term, I?d like to weigh around 230 or so with 9 to 12% bf. I know that it is unreasonable to think that I can lose the gut, which will cause me to lose weight, and still be able to maintain strength levels. I am at a crossroads and I am ready to start kicking ass. I am just a little uncertain of which path to follow. Do I count every calorie and mix in some cardio along with fat burning supplements, lose the gut and gain weight slowly afterward? Or, do I eat everything healthy in sight, bulk up to 230-ish and worry about the fat later? Is one method more intelligent at this point? If anyone can recommend supplements or diet I?d appreciate any advise.

I would suggest bulking up to 230+ and then cutting after that if you feel like it.

I think that may be easier to handle than cutting right now, and then watching your cuts disappear while you bulk.

On a side note, do some keyboards not have the apostrophe key? Or why do people use the question mark instead?

Apparently when you cut and paste from a Word document it puts ? where ’ should be. Thanks for your opinion. Do you have any supplent/diet recommendations?

Ahh, so that is why people do that ‘?’ thing…

As far as supps, the sky is the limit (or really your wallet is).

There is plenty of stuff you can get, from real androgens on down to mag-10, to red kat, tribex… all the way down to just pure food.

Diet suggestions, I would stick with basic amounts of say ~1.5g/pound protein and the rest carbs & fats.

you basicaly want to drop ~7lbs of fat (at a heavier weight you obviously have more bf to be the same %) and put on 23lbs of muscle.
The fat shouldn’t be a big issue.
I would prob diet down to about 11-12% then go nuts bulking for about 8 weeks.
follow this by a maintence phase of a couple of weeks. if you are still overly fat at the end of this do a slightly hypocal diet till all is back in check and repat the process till you are the desired weight.
obviously you will have to over shoot the 230 mark so when you diet you will come back down to 230.
i would stick with massive eating/dontdiet combo for the whole thing just modifying carbs depending on the cycle.
bulking supps:mag10 and creatine (duh) :slight_smile:
hardening/dieting supps: Hotrox & methoxy
also a multi-vit and some oils (flax or fish)

Surge should be your first choice for a supp if your overall protein needs are being taken care of. As for a diet/program, try CD/EDT, which was posted in the Lair. A search should turn it up.