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Goals Set. Need Help

I have been recently just farting around with fullbody stuff to keep in shape. I play in two contact flag football leagues both Friday night, and Sunday morning… which leaves me pretty damn sore come monday. My diet has been the anabolic diet for a couple months now, and I’ve lost some bodyfat while adding a small amount of strength.

What I would like to do is increase my strength & power, with excercises that would carry over to the field. If possible, to also increase shoulder/trap + arm size. Squats, Deadlifts, Power cleans, hang cleans… I love them all, and would like to see them somewhere in the program. Lets see some ideas!

Thanks in advance.

Go get the beginner index from Elite:


It includes everything you need to get strong for athletics and is a simple 12-week program to follow.

Otherwise you’re asking people to write a program for you when they don’t know anything functional about you. Answers will be all over the map, more than likely.

Good luck, work hard, and get Mag Mobility – you’re going to need it.

Make sure to add single leg movment, like lunges.

I say that because when they hit you, you may not be on both feet. You’re one leg on the ground will have to be strong enough to maintain your body.