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Goals Over 40, 50, 60, Etc.


Another one of my survey type questions...

What are your goals in the gym?

I'll go first. I dunno anymore! As I've gotten older and my abilities in the gym have gradually declined... I think I gradually stopped having any real goals in the gym either! I only just realized this when someone asked me this question recently and I couldn't answer them! I mumble some stuff like "ummm, I feel good after", "to stay strong and healthy".. I wasn't real happy with those vague answers.

I remember when I was young it was like.. squat 300, 350.... bench 250, 300... get 18" arms, I always had something I was targetting and driving toward! What happened?

So Anyway, I wouldn't mind hearing some of your goals and how you arrived at them as you age. Maybe it'll give me some ideas to come up with some of my own!



I'll be turning 40 in July. My goals are to see my abs again by the time I reach my birthday. I've got a good start, so I think I'll make it with time to spare. My other goals are to squat and deadlift three times my bodyweight and bench twice my bodyweight again.

In the future, I want to keep my blood work looking good and maintain a healthy enough lifestyle that working on the farm doesn't leave me battered and broken at the end of the day. I figure I have about 10 years left to make some good progress in bodybuilding.

After that, I'll adjust my goals as needed.


I'm 52. My current goal is to squat twice my body weight without getting a stroke.


I am 46 and am working out consistently at the moment.

I coach a variety of athletes, and want to be able to look them in the eye and know what it is like to feel and overcome pain, and be in shape.

I am about 6 feet, 200 lbs. Had a BIA (bio impedence fat analysis) done a while ago and my BF% was 17% - may be a bit higher now.

Want to get the BF down, body weight is not so important to me.

My long term goals are:
Squat: 180 kg (396 lb)
Bench: 140 kg (308 lb)
Dead: 220 kg (484 lb)

Have not yet set a deadline.

Short term: Bench 115 kg (Nov 2006)

Right now I am doing Ian King's 12 Weeks to Super Strength and his Limping Series. These are in the archives (1999). I have had fairly good results with this in the past. Will then rethink everything and probably opt for an adapted Westside program later.

Now that it is warmer I will be biking more (can't run - bad knees) so the BF will drop. Also starting John Berardi's Precision Nutrition. May post some photos soon, if I can get the nerve up.


I'm 53, 6', 200#, 23% BF and started training with weights for the first time in my life last January with a personal trainer. Weights once a week and dynamic once a week. I have gotten real nice results and feel like I'm 30 something again.
My goal is to not stop and squat my weight without blowing my knees. I'm leg pressing much more than that.


I'm 49, 6', 190 lbs. My goals with weights this year are to lift all time prs in the snatch and clean and jerk. That would be 121kg snatch and 138kg c&j. I'm currently at ~110 and ~130, so it seems not too unreasonable. Now if I can just figure out the right balance between lifting and throwing...


hahahahhaa, funny but a great goal.


I'm 53, my goal is to get stronger for softball. I've never hit a home run (over the fence) in a game. I came close last year and figure if I bulk up a little I'll be able to do it this year. Any one have any advice on this subject?


Wrists and forearms, wrists and forearms... That and a 34 oz. bat.

Good Luck.


I'm a bit of a rookie at this weightlifting thing, could you be more specific?


At the first powerlifting meet I entered, I saw this 63 year old do 560 or so squat.

That is my goal: at 63 do 560.

I am at 52, so I have plenty of time to get there....trying to add 15 or so pounds a year to my current 375.


If you are a bit of a rookie at this "thing", you are starting too late to gain anything before the start of the season. At this point, all you can do is try to increase bat speed. Swing a weighted bat, chop down trees, lighten the bat you use in the game. If, at the end of the season, you heal up and decide to give it another try, that is the time to dedicate yourself to this "thing" to try to improve your game for the following season. You need months and years, not days or weeks, to increase strength and bulk up.


I'm 5'10", 220 lbs., 59 years old. I've been seriously training powerlifting for 2 years. Did my first meet last August.

My immediate goals are 405 squat, 290 bench, and 440 deadlift.

The squat and deadlift are well within reach. I've squatted 400 and pulled 425. But I had shoulder surgery last November and my bench is coming back slow.

I'll get the bench before I turn 60 in December.



I guess my question was/is what specific exercises do you reccomend for the wrists and forearms?


Pretty respectable goals. At 49, I could come close to that squat and deadlift, but a 290 bench is forever beyond me.

Good luck, work hard.


Carl - Don't sell yourself short.

I've done a 127.5K (281#) bench in a meet, so 290 isn't much of a reach. My long term bench goal is 330# @ 220# body weight. I'd also like to hit a 440# squat and a 500# deadlift at this weight.

I think all of these are reasonable. Of course, at my age I'm playing "Beat the Clock". ;->



So 1.5x, 2x, and a nice ever number? I hope I'm still playing beat the clock at 59.

As for selling myself short--well not really. If it was important enough to me, I would change my attidude and work hard at it. Then who knows? But with OL and throwing taking up so much of my energy, a big bench press doesn't get put on a back burner, it gets taken completely off the stove. I do work bench and have recently hit sn alltime PR (102.5kg), but the energy and desire to get really good at it isn't there. What I was trying to say was that I am impressed by being able to have an attainable goal of 290 in the bench at 59.


Re: 500# deadlift ... 2.5xBW (550) just seems like a long way from 440#. I'd have to set that as a longer term goal. Besides, 500# is 5 big wheels and a little one, and always draws those quizzical looks that I enjoy so much when I do pin pulls.

So Carl, I guess you and I are the only old guys with goals on this forum.



My workout & Masterdrol Result Summary.

Hi Gents;

1-I am 68 and my goals are to stay good shape, and have a healthy lifestyle. I retired in 2000 after working for 44 years for the same company. Traveled on average of 42 weeks per year and never really had time to exercise seriously while on the road other than your normal push-ups, sit-ups and a jog here and there.

2- It was not until I retired that I had the time to exercise a bit more seriously. Once a month I had lunch with some friends to talk good times, etc. After a while all I was hearing was about aches, pains, what type meds is one taking, etc. So, little by little I purchased some equipment until I had what I needed to train on a more consistent basis and have been doing so ever since.

3- With that behind me, this past January I made up a 4-day split routine and based it around a ?12 Week Arm Program? by T-Nation. My planned workout routine started 02/06 through 04/29, that also included a four week LG: Masterdrol (MD) cycle starting on weeks 5 through 8 and PCT weeks 9 through 12. My meals (4-5 meals per day) for the most part were basically clean. My main goal with this four day a week work out program and MD cycle was to add strength, reduce BF and gain any lean hypertrophy I could. I used a lot of variation regarding specific exercises during the 12 weeks. Workout times ranged from 31 to 67 minutes. A typical week was as follows:

MON: Chest/Abs TUES: Arms
WED: Rest THURS: Legs and/or Back
FRI: Shoulders/Abs/Arms-(on weeks 1,4,7,10)

4- My starting weight was 220lbs., BF at 32.3% (see par.10) and I covered all other body parts in this workout as well but, my arms are where I am lacking the most. Since my arm workouts were every Tuesday, I took four evenly spaced additional arm workouts each of which was added on Friday after shoulders. Each of the additional arm workouts was to lift intensely with heavier weights and were done on the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th week workouts. The extra workout during those specific weeks I felt benefited me towards my arm goal of better strength and hypertrophy by using heavier weights. All other weeks had a single weekly session where rep range varied between 5-15 and involved quite a variance based on alternating weeks of Intensity, Volume and Density, using drop sets, extended eccentrics, giant sets, super sets, etc.

5- My daily water intake was approximately 1 to 1-1/2 gallons, at times more. Although I started my MD cycle on a Monday, I pre-loaded MD the Sat. and Sun. before at 20g. During my MD cycle, (20,30,30,30) I experienced minor lower back pains for the first 3 days. After that, the LB pain was gone. For joint pain-See Par 9.

6- During my first week of my MD cycle, I immediately noticed a strength increase but, I think that may have been a placebo effect. I had experienced a few leg cramps during the cycle but, that occurred upon awakening and stretching while in bed; therefore, I don?t think it was the MD because of my water intake. I had no flexibility problems what-so-ever. I had a little loss of libido during the four week MD cycle; however, I just kept taking my Tribulus, Saw Palmetto and 6-OXO, before, during the cycle and PCT. Four days into my PCT, I was back to normal. Also, not mentioned were other supps taken for each workout i.e., CEE, NO, et al.

7- Much has been said about the necessity of taking Nolvadex for gynecomastia when using MD; however, we all react differently and IMPO I didn?t think MD was that strong to include Nolvadex in my PCT. However, I did use Formadrol and 6-OXO among other supps. Other than sides listed above, I had no gyno, lethargy, hair loss or any other issues using MD and again that is probably because before my MD cycle, I pre-loaded with a percentage of PCT supps and used the same percentage of supps during the MD cycle. The last four weeks of my planned workout routine also included my full PCT.

8- In order to reduce more BF, I eliminated my favorites, i.e., bread, pasta and potatoes during my last six weeks. (I know I should have been doing Cardio but, I hate doing that.) I actually was trying to keep my weight between 220-225 but, by week 9 (start of my PCT), I was at 233. However, during my MD cycle, my strength had increased as much as 30-40% on many of the exercises I did in my routine. Examples are:
Starting -BP-160+64(40%)=224-Ending
SQ 200+70(35%)=270

9- As a result of this strength increase, I experienced some joint pain occasionally but, by taking ?Therajoint? by ISS and Omega 3-6-9 oils helped soften the joint aggravation. I know I could have increased the weight on some exercises but, I held off at this point and finished my program and PCT with the increases I had attained. At my age I can not be too careful, especially when it comes to joints and tendons.

10- I used a Digital Body Fat Caliper (by Accu Fitness) to obtain my overall BF. My starting weight of 220 and BF of 32.3%, (translates to 148.94lbs. lean body wt./ 71.06lbs. BFwt) falls into the ?POOR? category range of the Accu Fitness Chart for my age. After week 9 at 233lbs. my BF% was at 28.5%, (translates to 166.59lbs. lean body wt./ 66.41lbs. BFwt) falls into the ?FAIR? category. My final body weight as of 05/01/06 was 228 lbs. My finishing BF% of 25.7%, (translates to 169.4lbs. lean body wt./ 58.60lbs. BFwt.) which falls into the ?GOOD? category range. The ?VERY GOOD? BF% range for my age is between 20.1-24% according to the chart and the ?EXCELLENT? BF% range for me is 20.0%. To give you a comparison, an 18-24 year old in the EXCELLENT category should have a BF% of 11. I think what I have done so far is not too bad but, as you can see, for total BF, I still have a ways to go. My final results were a loss of 12.46lbs.of BF and a gain of 20.46lbs, of Lean Body Weight.

11- Although I am a hard gainer, as of 05/01/06, I have increased my arms by +5/8", Chest+ 1.0? , Shoulders+1-1/4?, Waist - 1-1/2?, Quads+1.0?, Calves+1/2?. Muscle gains and BF reduction get harder to obtain at my age but, I think that what I have gained is not too bad and my muscles are rock hard.

12- This is my second PH cycle that I have tried. Since my last physical and blood work (11/04), I have had no abnormalities what-so-ever with reference to WBC/RBC-Platelets/Enzymes-HDL/LDL, PSA, et al. I do believe that was attributed to proper diet, exercise and a good thought out plan for PCT. My next physical and b/w should work out well.

13- I am taking a few days off and then try and keep the gains I have attained plus try to add a little more. I will put together a routine that will include compound exercises only with extended eccentrics and then return to a more normal routine. Hopefully that should help retain what I have gained.

14- Although I do this for every workout, what helped me immensely throughout this 12 week program, was to keep an organized scheduled outline of my workout, i.e., workout times, reps, sets, rest periods. Also where supplements are concerned, the quantity, dates, time of day supplements were taken, before/after workouts, meals, bedtime, etc.

15- Well, that is the summary of my 12 week program, together with my cycle of LG: Masterdrol and PCT and I am proud to say that I did not miss one workout throughout the 12 weeks.

Everyone, have a great day.


I am 42 years old and looking to qualify for the WPO semi's in November. I lifted at that same meet in 2004 and bombed with two bench attempts at 570 and 583...narrowly missed it. I need to hit 555 to qualify...current body weight is 198lbs.

The key over the age of 35 is continuing to train at a high level without battering yourself. Not real easy. Taking anabolics has allowed me to do so. They make up for alot of overtraining issues. Without them, being very smart and knowing your body is the key. Knowing when to take time off.......