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Goals, Lift #s

I have set a few goals on where I would like some of my lifts to be. Some of them, I am getting close to, others will need a lot of work. I am wondering what the feeling is if these are realistic goals, and if I have set the bar to high or to low. I hope to get these within six months. I am at a body weight of 200lbs, which works out nicely when comparing lifts to percentage of bodyweight.

Deadlift- 2.5xbw (500lbs)
Squat-2xbw (400 lbs)
Overhead press- x bw (200lbs)
Front Squat- 1.25 bw (250 lbs)
DB Bench x.5 bw (100lbs) (each)
DB Hammer Curl-x.25bw (50lbs)(each)
Overhead Squat x.75bw (150lbs)

It might help if you post what you’re at now…

405 Sumo Deadlift (slightly over a month ago it was 315 x 3)

Bodyweight Push-Jerk (190). I currently push-jerk 145 x 3.

225 lb bent-row. Last week it was 185 x 3.

15 bodyweight pull-ups.