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Goals for This Year?

What are they (by this December).

For me (all for reps, not maxes)
Bench @ 230lbs
Military Press @ 200lbs - maaaaaybe. only one I’m not sure I’ll hit
Squat @ 300 lbs
Dips @ BW + 50lbs
Pullups @ BW + 25lbs

I didn’t see a thread about this - figured it’d be cool. Goals can be weight, measurements, strength, anything.

Bench 225+, squat 335+, and clean 225+ by the end of August and try to retain as much strength as possible (maybe even add 5-10 lbs) through football season.

Since we don’t max deadlift for football, I am gonna have to test it on my own, but I am gonna try to go for a 375+ DL.

Current numbers:

Bench- 205
Squat- 305
Clean- 205

You might notice that my squat goal is 30 lbs higher while my clean and bench are only 20. It’s because I find squat more important than bench. I am still experimenting with what type allows me to do the most weight.

(All weights are in pounds.)

my current goals are pretty much

bench - 150kg for 1 rep, im currently up too 135kg for 1 rep and on friday ill be attempting 140kg

squat - 140kg for 1 rep ass to calf, this is going to be the hardest goal to get for me, as im currenty at 90kg for 5 reps, and finding it incrediby difficult, i dont think im built to squat as this exercise seems to be the hardest for me to add weight too, btw i squat 3 times a week

deadlift - 225kg for 1 rep, current best is at 200kg although that was about 6 months ago, i havent really tried to max since then as i’ve been ill and when i’ve come back havent been using straps or deadlifting as much as i used too

also want to try get down to 10% bodyfat, ill be starting my cut the weekend after my last exam, around july 1st…i need to get rid of my love handles, they are out of control. look for a log starting in the log forum in the next 2-3 weeks

Hoping to hit a quality 200lbs by the end of summer(10 lbs-3 months), and more by the end of the year(depends how the summer goes, 210 seems like a realistic goal for now.)

I’d love to be able to chinup with 90lbs(can 3 rep with 55lbs now, lot of work to do) but that’s probably a long ways off considering my bodyweight increases as well.

Get my bench to high 200s(250 now), squat to mid 300s(315 now) and DL that 4th plate(380 now)

Overall I want to look like someone who seriously lifts by years end instead of the skill position athlete look.

I’m wanting to pull 500 by the end of the summer.

Also looking to add 25-30lbs of bodyweight by December.

205lbs @ 10% bf

which could give me a contest ready,

193-195lbs @ 5-6% bf

from my current state of 190lbs @ 12%


EDIT: Numbers -

Squat ME: 405lbs/180kg currently around 315+lbs/140kg+
Deadlift ME: 450lbs/200kg currently around 360~lbs/160kg
Bench ME: 315lbs/140kg currently around 245~lbs/90kg

Increase size of Chest, Lats, Hams, Quads, Biceps particularly left, Medial Delts, Left outer Calf(!) - in that order. (Is that my whole body…? sniff…:frowning: )

Step on stage either in the UK or US.

Eventually, i want to be a decent amateur - i want to get started and see how feasable it is to achieve a Pro Card. It may be out of reach but i am cool with that. I absolutely want to do well in the competitions i enter, and i want to place (at least) in my first, and later on in a renound show somewhere. prolly the States.

Just something small like sandow…


My goal is to stop worrying about BF% and pack on some serious muscle. Been way too concerned about it and it HAS TO STOP!

I don’t care how much I lift at all, I train purely for looks.

Squat ATG- 150kg for reps RAW. Did 120kg for 5 last night.

Bench press- 140kgs for a couple, 3 plates aside. Last time I maxed I did 125kg

Deadlift- 200kg- last max was 175kg, sure I can beat that this year.

Quite happy, NOT PLEASED, but happy.
Pleased would mean I’m satisfied, I’m not, at 17 though, these numbers give me a good chance to hog all the big plates for years to come!

Not sure if my goals are too ambitious or not, but what the hell.

SQUAT: 315+
DEAD: 400+
BENCH: 200+

My upper body sucks, big time. My current lifts are (reps, not 1RM):

SQUAT: 215
DEAD: 250
BENCH: 120

I’m also shooting for 15% bodyfat or less (currently 22%).

Not sure if these goals are that realistic, but I’m shooting for them anyway.

My goals:

bench 300
squat 400
dead 500

Perform 2 1-arm chins per arm.

Have 16" arms and 15" calves.