Goals for the Summer

This whole year Ive been trying real hard to follow a clean diet and solid workout plans. Ive made some alright gains going from 165-185 of probably which 15lbs of it is muscle. I know its not that much but being in college and going out a lot doesn’t help the cause.

My strength has gone up quite a bit and now i have the whole summer to achieve some goals. Currently my goals for the summer are to increase my shoulder size, i feel as though my shoulders have lagged behind a bit, gain 1 inch on my arms, and work on building my upper chest. The whole year ive done incline bench and flat bench of both DB and BB but still the upper part of my chest is seriously underdeveloped and it makes my chest look incomplete.

Right now im sitting at roughly 6’1, 183-185, with 11-14% body fat. If someone can give me good advice on achieving my goals it would be greatly appreciated.

Do you do squats/deadlifts as part of your current routine?

Post your current workout/diet and it will be easier to help you tweak it.

Sounds like you made some good progress so far, nice work.

Current routine as of far is the OVT program. Instead for shoulder days i tweaked it a little and started performing the three set program i read in one of the recent articles to help build massive shoulders. I was actually thinking of working shoulders two times per week during the summer. Diet is solid i have that pat down after a year of learning how to eat clean.

When i was bulking i was taking in around 3000-3500 calories, but as of recently ive just been in a maintnance stage so ive only been taking in around 2200-2500 calories. Im leaving out of the country soon and when i get settled im going to resume 3000-3500 calories to start off. Basically im just looking to tweak my body over the summer and adjust for the lack of shoulder development and upper chest development. Other things like my goal to gain 1 inch on my arms would just be a plus. And no i do not do deadlifts in fear of not doing them correctly and injuring myself but i do squat.