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Goals For Next Year

about that time what’s everyone shooting To hit in 2017? I’d like to go 625/425/750 @ 198


I’d like 565/308/600 at 198 in meet and a reliable 300 lbs bench for reps


405 for reps squat and 500 for reps dl. Not powerlifting related, but a 225 ohp.


Squat: 390 to 418 by April, 450 by the end of the year
Bench: 265 to 285 by April, anything over 300 by end of the year
Deadlift: 425 to 485 (425 looked like it should have been my opener at my meet 2 weeks ago) and 525 by the end of the year
Bodyweight: stay at 83kg/182.5 pounds

Well I compete in my first meet in April
Hope to hit a mid 400 squat (current is 350)
Hit 600 deadlift (515 rn)
Bench over 300 (275 rn)
The bench seems to be achievable and squat is gettin better everyday with better form.
Honestly getting something close to a 1250 total or more is a goal of mine


I’m going to do a meet in the summer, nothing else around here until then, I want at least 500/400/575. I hate setting specific goals with regards to numbers because if you achieve that then you feel like you don’t need to keep pushing. For example, I was going to do a meet in January and I wanted a 470 squat. I’m not going to that meet anymore, but right now I should be able to hit 480. I’m just determined to keep training hard and I will take what I get.

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Gotta keep pushing and the numbers will keep going. My 2017 goal feel small compare to what I want to accomplish by the following year.


That’s how I feel about my 2017 goals compared to end of 2020.

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Which meet are you looking at?

One of the two meets in Ottawa this summer, either the Ottawa Open in June or Ottawa Summer Showcase in July. I haven’t gotten around to signing up yet, I should probably hurry before they fill up. I was going to go to the Central Championships in Guelph but due to various issues I’m skipping that one.

I’ll be at the Regional Championships because they’re so close. I’ll be competing equipped for the first time in two years. It’s been a challenge.

You should sign up before they fill up. Likely Ultimate Fitness will be having one again this year in Renfrew as well.

Will you be going to nationals?

Can you get a name change to Vincepac1800?


Not in a meet but I’d like to reach: 500/385/600 @ 198lbs currently sitting at 475/350/565 @ 210lbs


I think 500/450/600@308 is pretty reasonable for this time next year.

Currently: can’t back squat yet/405/440@350

Good luck to everyone! Crush your goals!

No, I’m not going to nationals. The new CPU rule is that if you haven’t been to nationals before then you have to go to regionals first, I will have to wait until next year if anything. We need more local meets in/around Ottawa, the two I mentioned plus Ultimate Fitness are all within a month of each other and there is nothing the rest of the year.

I actually had that cause I used to have a ram 1500, bumped up to a 2500 cause I gotta keep increasing the numbers ha ha its a diesel drag truck/ dd now


If I stay at 220 w wraps
850 Squat
440 Bench
670 Deadlift

If I allow my self to grow into 242 I’d like to push for closer to 900/450/700. I’m 100% positive 800 plus will fall very soon. So 50lbs in a year I feel I can do realisticly especially with @amitsapir driving the bus.


Squat 375 beltless —> 440 hopefully beltless,but I want it even with a belt on

Ohp 160 or so —> 200

Deadlift 400 —>550-600 again with or without belt.I know this sounds dumb,but I hadn’t pulled ina year,pulled an easy 400 lbs beltlessand some days later pulled 440 beltless and stopped just above the knee cause form was bad and didn’t want to risk injury
So I think 550 will go down.Anything above is a stretch but who knows

Also stuff like barbell rowing 275 x 5,neck curls 90 lbs x 50-100 reps,shrugging 6-7 plates for reps

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Why so aggressive in squat, compared to bench ,and deadlift have you recently changed form , and found much more efficient technique.
I asked this because you are raw, are you making squat a priority?

I guess he’s just in love with squatting.Even his instagram name and picture has to do with squats