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Goals for 2013

I just broke 200 on my OHP this year. That was a longtime goal, I’m happy to report. 225 by 2014!

having only trained irregularly this entire year

I want to train regularly 2-4x a week

lifting goals

hmm been the same for a while- but training regularly should make them easy

OH squat 225 for 3 just did 205x3
squat 405 x 3’s just hit 385
pull 500- 455x2 is pretty typical

I guess im not that ambitious :slight_smile:

Fun to read everyone’s goals.

I’ll keep mine fitness-related here:

–Do 10 pronated full-stretch pullups (I’m close this is so easily achieveable).
–Compete again in PLing with respectable numbers (hip is chewed so it’s challenging).
–Start spinning or some serious interval training (hate this shit).

  1. Stop waffling and finally start an Over 35 log.

  2. Stop waffling and make a damn decision already about whether I will enter a Physique contest this year.

  3. Have some waffles.

Not to die for the 12 mile Tough Mudder in April.

Normal stuff, drop a little more BF and maintain my current weight.

Aiming to total 1000 on the PL lifts. Not sure if that’s feasible for the upcoming year, but if not, ought to have it the next year.

MORE CONTROL OVER DIET. I naturally just wing it every day, I don’t weigh portions and only vaguely know what my protein is, and just hope everything else goes well with it. I harp on the grocery store flyers, which I will still do, I have several within striking range.

I want to maintain the psychological benefit I have had with the past year’s success with hamstring rehab. I want to pull in some program all year and want to get a max of 500lbs.

I’d like to drop 20 pounds.

Bench 425 raw.

Deadlift 600.