Goals And Motavation

Well all, I figure seeing I have a hard time setting up my goals and putting them down on paper so they are always there for me to see this would be a good place to do it. What I am wanting to do is very modest and easily attainable but is a major life change for myself and my wife. My largest problem lies with my wife she is not too keen on one of my goals. But anyways for the goals.

  1. Lower my weight from the 260ish that I am sitting around now down too 220 or even 200. Though the weight isnt that important I do want the BF% to drop. If I can attain the BF% drop I would be happy. Right now I’m around 24% or so, getting that down below 15% or so would be great.

  2. The second goal is the one the wife isnt too happy with but thats life. I want to become a cop. Thats the end goal, but this one is more just pass the physical and written portions of the application process.

I am giving myself a little over a year to do this. Untill July 24 2007 to be exact. I am hoping to do it much sooner then that, but it will be done by that date.

Anyways if anyone has any advice to push me on my way it would be greatly appreciated. Anyways thankx for listening to my rambalings.


Dont sacrifice your wife to get your goals, but dont sacrifice your goals to keep your wife. I have no idea how YOU find the balance in that situation, but you are going to have to find it somehow.

I’m not going to have to sacrifice my wife to become a police officer. She is just not really happy with me wanting to do this. She is just worried that I will get hurt.

if i were you, i would be totally motorvated to buy a webster’s or at the very least to check out dictionary.com.

[quote]Raimisch wrote:
I’m not going to have to sacrifice my wife to become a police officer. She is just not really happy with me wanting to do this. She is just worried that I will get hurt.[/quote]

That is cool to hear! Good luck reaching for you goals.

Got HOT-ROX Extreme?

Nope no HOT-ROX Extreme. The shipping issues up to Alberta are too numerous. Thats going to have to wait untill I head down to montanna and get stuff shipped to the hotel, just not sure when that is going to happen. And I figure it wont be that hard if I just stick to a good clean diet and bust my ass.

Good luck on your goals man. Just stay motivated, sounds like you’ll want to hit some cardio, and bust through the plateaus, (and there will be some). Keep us posted!

Watch the movie Walking Tall ( with The Rock) with the wife. Convinved my girlfriend to pursue becoming a police officer.

First off. you need to do two things none of this would be great stuff, around here/there, or ish’s. Make definate goals. Times and sign the SOB. I WILL get to 15% not it would be great. I will do it by this time!!! not well in the future.

Next you eed to look at figure and accept the negatives to any and all goals no matter what it is it has a negative. Like cutting to 15% in a certain amount of time. Thats going to have negatives. you Prob wont gain a lot of mass, may not keep all strength, you’ll for sure have to diet change your life.

Weigh out and accept the negatives to any and all goals. Make sure those negative are worth it. They WILL happen accept them and do this.

Also have steps along the way. ultimate goal 15%, set a pre date for 20% this will give a stepping stone, milestone along the way. It helps. Same with the other goals. list and name the steps it will take to get them.

Then do your best to reach all of them in time or early.

I say take a look at Dan Johns stuff here and his site lots of things on goal setting helped me. Get his books, etc…

Best of luck man make the goals, accept what goes with them and do what it takes,

Just read Dave Tates latest journal entry after responding here and thought it fit. Its a great peice of writing/thinking.

[quote]The Flight

Last week I get this email from Alwyn Cosgrove…

" I think you need to hear something: you have confused your goals. Your goals were to get healthy, drop some fat weight, improve your quality of life and enjoy your kids.
You are doing all of these things, however you have forgotten your goal – you seem to think that i’ts about staying at 270. What if the perfect life is at 260, or 245?

Why the attachment to 270?

I suggest you focus again on the TRUE goals and let the way go where it goes."


Now you have to understand my relationship with Alwyn to know the meaning of this email.

I have only known Alwyn for a short time but we average well over 20 emails per week. He is one of the few in my life that will call me out and put me in my place. He has also sent me many emails that have caused me to stop and think very hard about things. In many cases for days on just one issue. This may seem like a simple email to many of you but this was sent during one his last treatments (fighting and beating cancer for the second time). So for him to take the time to send me this told me right away that it was something I needed to think about. Why would he do this when it would be easier to stay in bed and recover?

It is safe to say he has a perspective on life that is very unique. So when I get emails like this from him I stop and think.

So what was the point he was making with this email? What about this caused me to stop and think. What lesson can we all learn from this?

This email and these questions stuck with me for days. It was not until I boarded the airplane for Syracuse this weekend that it all began to become clear.

I have used this process and this Q and A to share with you all what has been going through my twisted skull. I have basically opened a part of my life to the world hoping it may help others see some part of themselves that they may have been missing. For me this has been a very eye opening journey that continues to teach and reaffirm new messages every week and every day.

You may not be cutting weight or trying to improve health but many of these lessons apply to everything we do be it setting a new PR in the gym, building a winning season or advancing your career.

While I sat on the plan (stuck in the damn window seat wondering why Dr Ryan Smith will not shave his head) I began to think about flying.

In short. You pick your destination, buy your ticket and make the trip with the goal being the desired destination. You may have delays, lay overs, cancelled flights but in the end you get where you intended to go. Now lets break this down some.

You pick your destination - This is you final goal

You buy your ticket - You pay your dues

You may have delays - Obstacles to overcome

You reach your destination - You final goal

Is this not the same as life? Is this not the same as training for a meet? Is this not the same as getting ready for the next game? Is this not the way of the athlete?

At first glance it is but here is where I missed the mark.

My whole life has been about getting from Terminal A to Terminal B. Is has always been about getting to the next meet. Breaking the next PR. Moving up to the next level. This is what I know. The objective has always been on the final goal, the final outcome. When that was reached another was set.

This is the same process I am using now. When I started this process it was about health, longevity and quality of life. But how do you measure that? What is point B? What is the final outcome?

I have no freaking idea!

So, I made my own. I set up 8% bodyfat at 270 pounds and specific blood work numbers but is this congruent with my objective?

This is what Alwyn was asking. This is what he was trying to point out.

I have spent my life boarding the plan and did not care what the ride was like. I could not give a shit as long as I got where I was going.

Window seat - who cares.
Turbulence - whatever
beat up plan - deal with it!.
Ugly flight attendant - so be it
Layover - part of the process

Nothing else mattered by getting where I was going.

Meanwhile, just maybe I could have flown first class and enjoyed the ride. Maybe I could have taken more time to enjoy the process. Maybe the destination is just a function and result of the trip.

So what the hell does all this mean? This is a good question and one I have been asking for many days now.

I am now faced with a different scenario that I have had in the past.

My final destination is the trip. Better health, longevity and quality of life is not a designation. It is a process.

But I also realize that you can get on the plan if you have nowhere to go so the journey is only one aspect but one I know for a fact I was not taking the time to enjoy. My total passion has always been on the destination while it should have been my focus.

The passion is in the process.

So where is your focus and what is your passion.[/quote]