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Goals and How to Get There

Two goals i have are:

Deadlift 300 lbs by the middle of the summer in 2009 and
Bench 225 X 5 by the middle of may 2009 (about nine months time)

Today was my first real day in the gym in about 6 weeks. i had been in there only 3 or 4 times during that time period and only really used token weights and did core work. (This absence was not by choice, i was very busy with tryouts at the time).

But now that my schedule is back to normal i can get back to lifting regularly.

Today i benched 135 x 7 with no spotter. (i was lifting by myselft, yes i know that is dumb). I have benched 185 with just fingers helping before, but that was before my 6 week long off period.

I also deadlifted 205 x6 today also.

so do you guys have any advice on what is the best way to achieve those goals?

I weighed in 140 lbs after the workout, and yes i know i have to eat more. I am also taking no supplements at this time.

Your deadlift will be way stronger than 300lb by summer of 2009. I would shoot for 405 by then.

thanks man.

i am more worried about the bench one though, i am farther away from getting that one done. i hope i will be able to deadlift 315 easy by next summer, who knows