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Goalkeeper from Germany Needs Help


I’m 19 and playing soccer as a goalkeeper. I’m lifting weights since I’m 16 and playing soccer since I’m 8 :slight_smile:

My Situation:
It’s my second year in our senior team. I played some matches for our 1a team but after 2 bad matches I was sent to the 1b team and in 1a there’s a 32years old goalkeeper who isn’t very fit but he didn’t do many mistakes during the past matches, so it’s hard for me to get another chance :frowning: But in my opinion I’m better…

I tried WSB4SB 3 in the offseason but during the season I find it a way to hard because as a goalkeeper I’ve to jump a lot, so it’s difficult to squat the day before.

In Germany we’ve got about 6weeks(10including preparation) offseason during summer and about 3(6including preparation) weeks offseason in winter. During preparation we’are training 5times a weak.

Here you can see my whole week during season:

-3pm school
5pm weight lifting

-1pm school
7pm soccer training

-5pm school
7pm weight lifting

-11am school
7pm soccer training

-1pm school
6.30pm soccer training

If i feel good, weight lifting

1pm soccer match

2 Months ago i switched to a full-body-training:
3x3 plyometrics
2x3 squats
10x3 dips
10x3 chin ups
10x3 frontpress

But I’m not sure If it’ll really help me to improve my skills :frowning:

I hope you can recommend me a good workout for my “special” situation.

Thank you and sorry, if some words a misspelled :slight_smile:

No one who may help me? :frowning:

When you say 10x3 do you mean 10 sets of 3 reps?

I would say that maybe you should be working 5s on the squats instead of 3s, (obviously with a slightly lower weight), this might leave you less burned.

Also, given the amount of jump work you will be doing in your football training, I wouldn’t think you would need to squat 3 times per week in addition. I would think the WS4SB protocol would be better.

Going 10 x 3 on every excercise means you are going 90% max plus on every excercise, this is too taxing on your body given the additional football training that you are doing.

If on the other hand you are talking 3 sets of 10 reps, you might want to consider doing some lower rep higher weight work on one of the excercises per day.

Given that your main goal is to be in the first team and that you were dropped due to skill issues not fitness or strength therefore your main focus should be on your technique training and you should ensure that your S&C doesn’t detract from it.

Just my 5c

10x3 = 10reps 3sets

Of course you’re right, that I also have to improve my skills, but its very difficult if there’s no experienced goalkeeper trainer. So I think strengh training is the best I can do at home.

You mentioned ws4sb…do you think I should give it a second chance but this time maybe with a dynamic effort day instead of a max effort lower body day?

thank you for ur help

I agree with the above post. Seems like soccer is your number one concern, so really concentrate on figuring out what skills you need to develop.

Do you need to react faster, jump higher etc? Once you figure out what you need to get better at from an athletic standpoint, you can then tailor your lifting program a little better.

Generally I would say you need to change up your leg work. You absolutely need to work your hamstrings and posterior chain via Deadlifts, GHRs etc. Furthermore, explosive lifts such as cleans are great at building athleticism.

Hi Exitus,

I have worked with a number of football/soccer players in the UK and I always ask them the same question; do you want to squat more weight or do you want to play footbal better?

When strength training for football and goalkeeping in particular first look at the 5-10 major movements that you need/perform when playing. Once you have identified these movements first consider if you need more motion when performing these motions e.g. do your ankles feel stiff when you side step before squating. If so use contolled movements through stretch positions to create more motion in these areas.

After this mobilisation phase start progressively loading up these 5-10 movements, using the same speed at which you would perform the movements on the field. At the same time continually change your foot positions every rep. e.g. neutral atance, right foot forwards, left foot forwards. Narrow stance, narrow stance with right foot forwards etc… You need to do this because you will very rarely require to do a perfectly neutral squat and even less likely to perform 3 repetative squats when playing! Your body needs to be ready to squat no matter what position your feet are in!!

However, when doing this you will have to reduce the weight and progressively laod as you get stronger. This method of training might not lead to record breaking squat lifts but as a football player that is not your goal. Your goal is to bullet proof your body to goalkeep better!

If you would like more specific help send me a private message and I will put some football specific workouts on youtube in the new year.

Good luck


P.S. Sorry to all you American/Canadian boys, soccer is called football over here and I can’t get my head around calling it soccer.

One question: Why the hell is American Football not called Handball?

Thanks for your help. Some specific exercises would be great but I think I unterstood what you mean :slight_smile: