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Goal Towards a Better Physique


Hey,I have been browsing through this forum for a while now decided to make a account. This community seems to be very helpful at giving good feedback. I have been lifting for 1 year, and this is the progress I have made. I am looking on criticism that will help me improve my physique.

Current stats:
5'11 191 lb
315x1 Squat
455x1 Deadlift
185x2 Bench


Pictures aren't quite working




Front double bi




most muscular


Good traps and delts dude.

It looks like your legs are lagging behind your upperbody in terms of size.


Looks like you've made good progress. Keep up the work. For now I'd just focus on getting stronger everywhere, what sort of program are you running?


nice traps, astounding progress for one year.

Curious about your background, how is your nutrition, training program, etc


Thanks for the positive comments guys really appreciate it. I use to be one of those guys who hated hitting legs so I would hit them light, until one of my friends convinced me you gotta have the wheels.

The current program im doing is
monday chest shoulder tricep
tuesday legs
thursday chest shoulder tricep.
friday back

Been on this routine for about 2-3 months.Im about to change it up to the 5 day split for 2 months then try out the 5x3x1 with a friend.
As far as my diet goes not really too strict, cheat meals here and there. My background is asian, full chinese. 19 years old. What do you guys think im lacking on besides my legs?