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Goal Oriented Sled Training


You wrote a short article (in the LiveSpill?) 1-2 years ago describing the 3 ways to use a sled. I loved that article and want to read it again for tips but can’t find it. In that article, you said something to the effect of sprinting as fast as possible is best for conditioning, moderate-paced speed focusing on muscular contraction is best for hypertrophy, and I can’t remember the 3rd. I also can’t remember duration or length of the pull/push or any other tips you gave. Can you expand on this and fill in where my memory has failed, please?

Thanks in advance!

I had actually copied & pasted this from his livespill a while back:

Types of Sled Movements
TYPE 1: moderate weight/slow movements… these are the best to improve nutrients uptake by the muscles… they thus facilitate recovery the most and help with hypertrophy. The also help with fat loss since more nutrients are sent to the muscles, and less to fat.

TYPE 2: light/moderate weight - fast speed: short bursts of 6-9 seconds with short rest intervals. Depending on the rest intervals these have a great metabolic cost. Since they combine both explosive and eccentric-less work, they have a profound effect on muscle insulin sensitivity. Combined with the metabolic cost, it makes it a GREAT fat loss tool.

TYPE 3: heavy weight/“just get there” kinda speed: I use very heavy 15m pushes/pulls with as much weight as I can do for that distance. I actually treat this as I would a strength lift and gradually ramp the weight up. I find this a great way to increase muscle mass. It is a great way to boost squat, deadlift and olympic lifting performance.

That’s it!!! Thanks a bunch.

CT also mentioned this one for developing Power:

[quote]To do this one you need a Prowler and a surface without much friction.

Load the prowler with a load you can easily sprint with.

Hold the upright posts with your arms bent and begin to sprint as fast as you can.

As soon as you reach top speed you powerfully extend your arms, “throwing” the prowler forward.

When properly used this is the ultimate power production exercise. It will kick ass for football players among others.[/quote]

thank you Lonnie & Dlee (and CT of course !)

I just bought a prowler, really the top for maximum variety of work