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Goal for New Guy?

So I went out and found an ideal body weight calculator and it said that given my current waist, neck, height, and weight, my ideal body weight should be 166 lbs. So I have made a few pounds gain on it and went back to the same calculator, and it says now my ideal body weight is 170 lbs. So I have came to the conclusion that ideal body weight calculators just plain suck. This leaves me without a goal though.

I am looking for a goal that is obtainable with a couple of months of hard work. I am 5’ 11.5", 161 lbs, body fat % somewhere around 8%. I need the goal for motivation, but I need help in setting a reasonable one.

Dude, if your body fat’s at 8% then all you need to do is start hittin the weights, eating shit loads and sleeping. Do you just naturally have a low body fat? I did plenty of research into muscles and fitness and all that bollocks so i could build my own plan to fit my needs…i suggest you do the same then build your own program…so if you want to know anything specifically just me or anyone else and we’ll gladly advise.

goal: 180 by the end of the summer. bam.

go forth, and eat. and lift.

Goal: Pick 3 lifts and try to increase max effort weight by 20%.

Thanks for the ideas.

I do just naturally carry that low body fat %. As far as designing my own plan… wow. I’m not sure I know enough about it to do that. Damn that “d” word (doubt). Right now I am using Ian King’s Great Guns program along with some squats, lunges, leg presses, dips, rows, and incline bench press (mainly because I suck at that lift and just wanted to address that). I usually go 4 or 5 days to the gym for about 45 min. to an hour at a time. The or 5 is an abs day if I havn’t managed to work it in somehow earlier that week. I have been trying to get 8-9 hours asleep.

The 180… that’s a little more than 2 lbs a week to gain for 8 weeks… is that obtainable?

I am trying to eat alot. I would guess I am taking in almost 3000 calories a day and I have tried to be good about even eating when I am not hungry. I have also been trying to adhere to John’s 7 habits. I know I am not anywhere near John’s Massive Eating, but I am trying to work up to it.

If anyone sees something I could be doing better, or something I could change that would be of an advantage, I am open to the critisism and the advice.

I just wanted to chime in and say I love the approach yopu are taking. You are not getting over whelmed and are adopting the stuff slowly as you learn. Taking steps. That is a solid plan and leads to long term success.

Also it is great in the mean time it sounds like you are doing what you know and liftin’ and eatin. Much to be said for that.

Good luck and hope all goes well,