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Goal for Bulking


for bulking is it best to set a goal for how much you weight or a time you want to do bulking for. I go to the gym 4 times a week and lift heavy I eat plenty not alot of crap, pretty clean eating .

My cousin works out alot and told me I should try to get up to 250lbs, I'm 6ft 230lbs 29yrs old.I just started working out again took 2 yrs off. Started going back to the gym in Jan. At first I was doing all body work out and running 4 miles 4 times a week, About a month ago I stoped the running and swicthed my work out, Mon/Legs,Tues/chest,Wen/off,Thur/back,Fri/shoulders&arms,sat and sun off.On the days I lift, I lift heavy just change The tempo and reps every 4 weeks.In 4 weeks I can already see the change.


I find that setting an over all goal with smaller goals in the middle to be quite effective...
IE, my overal goal is 250lbs but I might aim for 210 or 215 by a certain date and then progress from there again

I suppose it doesn't really matter though, your body doesn't know what goals you are setting for it and will simply adapt to the pressures you put on it


Whatever works best to motivate you.


you guys rock on this sight I always get an answer, some other sights you just as likely to cut down to your knees before you get an answer. thnks


got another ? for you guys, for post workout carbs I've seen white bread and jelly a couple of times now. Some days I have a soda with my protein shake and thats the only one I have, thats only workout days.Or is juice better?


Protein shakes are a safe choice. I can't imagine juice being good, at all.

Personally, I have a shake pre-workout. Chocolate milk during. A shake straight after. Then within about 15-60 minutes after I'll have 1-4 sandwiches. My diet sucks though, and I don't know the science behind post workout shakes (fast releasing protein and simple carbs or something?).

I also mix my shakes with milk, I think that's bad post workout since it has an enzyme - or something - which releases the protein slowly, which is the opposite of what you want to happen. Hopefully someone can clear this up for me.

Anyway, chocolate milk is also a good choice for post-workout.


A lot of people recommend grape juice post workout, whey protein or just milk.


What does grape juice have in it that makes it a good choice, just sugar?


You just want a good amount of carbs after a workout for instance lately what I've been doing is taking in 80-120 grams of maltodextrin and then after that I'll eat some high GI sugary kids cereal mixed with whey protein.

So all in all I might take about 40 carbs maltodextrin before workout, another 40 during and 120-150 carbsafter from malto and kids cereal.

Most might have to scale it back a bit. Cause
I don't advise how much I take for most though as I've always been skinny and am currently working a real physical job and on days I train and work I'll do the above, plus all my other big meals. (clean + dirty)


I know Jay Cutler is a fan of grape juice and I know another guy who drinks it every day and he a beast to. Trick is to limit it to 1-2 drinks and not get crazy with juice! Has a high GI I believe to.


I would definitely go with something else after instead of milk. yet if it's all you got it's better then nothing. Try some kids cereal (like fruit loops, fruity pebbles, frosted flakes generic brands are the best cause they're CHEAP 2) +water+whey after and feel the bloat:D.


Wasn't the OP just looking for a good carb for post-workout...?

I actually had a thread where this was discuassed once.
Some great idea's in there...

I took some advice from that thread an got some glucose powder(dextrose monohydrate) and just mix that in with my PWO whey...
Pretty simple and effective IMO...


Yes, you should set a date that you want to follow the bulking schedule until. That way you have a goal in mind and will be less likely to fall off the bandwagon because you know how long you have to go.

There are several different methods for estimating needed calories per day during a bulk. Look up bulking diets under the articles on this site to decide which method you want to use.

Lastly, estimate how many calories you need to be over per day and begin keeping a food journal right now. You can go to fitday.com or you can even just keep on with a pen and paper where ever you go and look up the calories/nutrient breakdown on the internet at the end of the day.


When it comes to goals, the more specific you can get, the better.

Maltodextrin is a good carb for pre- or post-workout. I used to take it post-, but it was getting in the way of dinner, so I switched it to pre-. Huge difference. I feel like I have much more energy during my workout now.

iHerb.com is where I order mine from. While you're there grab some 'protein digest' capsules... unless you like the gas and bloat from your whey.