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Goal Failed


I aimed to hit FS 190 by the first of September and that day has come. The best I've managed was 180. Failed 182 and 181 I think. I had this goal in mid March or so? But at least I'm up 10kg from 170kg.

I'll revise my goal to hit 195 by the end of the year.

Got to get to 200 asap!



aw. i'm sorry you didn't get it by your deadline. congrats on being up 10kg, though.


Koing, I read that you got 100/120 in 3 years while in college. What it is then, in your opinion, the thing that has been causing your progress to be slow afterwards?


Come on clippy, you know the answer to that.

If progress didn't slow down then we'd all be snatch 300kg and clean and jerking 370kg!

I'm sure there's other issues such as injuries, studying, etc etc. but we just don't all have the genetics to be olympic champions.....(I more talking about myself than Koing there!!!)

Personally, for me injurie have been the biggest issue. I cleaned 142.5kg 10 days ago but can't jerk more than about 110-115 at the moment and it's gradually getting worse!!!!


I wasn't in college, that was before college...

15.5 till 18.5 I went from 35/45 (after 2 weeks training in comp) to 100/120 in 3yrs. The difference? I was new to the sport, getting stronger and getting reasonable technique.

18-21 I did pretty zero gains as I was at Uni and didn't lift much. 21-22 I had to rehab my near career ending prolapse L4, out for 9months.

23-24 was good I did 116/142 at 83.3kg in 2007, I missed 120 BEHIND that year...it took me literally 24months later to ACTUALLY SNATCH 120. I missed it about 15x IN COMPETITION. D you know how many times I entered on 120 and bombed out?! I bombed out 3 comps in a row, 0/9 Snatches when I went for 120. Didn't even get to Jerk! lol

I've had a few injuries but nothing crazy and one big one so I have been very lucky.

2007-2009 I lost 2 yrs gains due to my stupidness to stay in the 85's. I was a solid 88 and the cut was killing my strength :(. Then in 2009 I moved up and in 2010 I hit 120/145.

I've Cleaned 165 in training and I bet my gonads I could Clean 170 in comp but it's my Jerk that is failing me. I need to work on my dip and drive to be straight. Harder said then done when it's 140+ and this is the reason for my inconsistency when it's heavy.

So no excuses. Just some stupid behaviour in 2007-2009 and my inability to Jerk properly. Sn I've find tuned and I will crack 130 before the year is over. It's only about 36kg above my bodyweight now...LOL.



And linear progression is impossible when it gets heavier, more so when you reach 2x bw CJ and I'm still a solid 38kg off that...

Also 15.5 till 18.5 I had loads more sleep. I work a demanding job and I don't get much sleep. 5.5-6hrs tops a day with a time of at least 12.5hrs from when I wake up till I get back home from work doesn't help. 2.5hrs commute and 10hrs at work but it pays well though.



well I said a year ago that today I'd be having 100kg bw and 100 snatch/120c&j . Least I saw was 101kg, I did 100 snatch but not 120 c&j so I'm close. Later on I decided I'd qualify for nationals this september, now I'm not sure if it will happen, my left knee seems to have what my right knee had. Still it will be close.

I think in general once someone is passed the beginner stage of learning technique, getting flexible, getting a good basic overall strength on the whole body, it's all about getting your squat up, your lifts up and staying injury free as much as possible.


Indeed mate, a matter of hammering the lifts and getting your squats up.

Little bro FS 120 for 3reps, easily spanks all over 110. I reckon he'll give 100/120 a good smash, more confident of his CJ as his is literally unf0cking stopable. 18 CJ in comp ZERO MISSES. I literally can not believe that.



How often are you training a week?

Sounds like you are ready to start doing 2x a days 6 days a week :wink:




3x a week.

No point training like a pro if you can't sleep and rest like a pro. You will blow up very fast training 2x a day on 5.5hrs sleep and working 10hr days.

Also in the past 3yrs I don't train on Saturdays very well due to my back. It's stiff and weak in the mornings.

190 by the start of 2012!

Regi, Chi FS 140kg! I thought his best was 130! He'll crack 150 before the year is over and 170-175 before the end of 2012!



video or it didn't happen


That is what I told him, but he is adament he did 140. I've seen the video of his 130 and 120 x3, and the 120 x3 did look very easy...



His maxes are usually fairly easy I wouldn't be surprised if he does 150 in a couple weeks


150 before the year over would be huge at his bw.



That's insane by chi! Do you know if his weights gone up as well?


I'd imagine he's around 67-68kg was like 66 at his last comp wasn't he


That is true, but I figured you missed the goal because you had an actual life to juggle on top of training.

The only thing I can say is if you can squeeze in a 4th day every now and again without missing your sleep do it.


He maybe 67kg now? He has a comp in 2.5 weeks time so we will see what we all weigh :slight_smile:

Oh yeah you owe me the comp fee that I paid for you. Not sure if you've paid for that one yet?

I'm disappointed I couldn't stack on 20kg in about 4months! But f0ck it, what can you do? Training was going well, the wrist injury didn't stall the squats, stalled the Sn and the CJ for sure. Just couldn't do it. 190 by end of the year.

I'm going to add more doubles and triples in the squats. I've been slack on that front.



I've found back squatting burns me out on the sort of training were doing atm