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Goal: 80 Kilos, Low Bodyfat

Hello, for the moment I have 73 kilo for 1m80 my goal is 80 kilo with a low body fat 10%~
How I can do that exactly? I need to stop 87 kilo and after reduce calorie step by step? Or It is not possible to go t 83 kilo to 80, lost 3 kilo for to get a low fat?
I talk with a friend, he tell me that I need to go until 87 kilo for lost fat and to be good with 80 kilo, I would like your advice to, thank

Your english is not great - but Iot better than my second language.
I think you are asking how to go from 73kg to 80kg with low body fat.

Why 80kg? I would suggest just work on getting bigger and looking good.
Eat clean, lots of meat and good carbs and fats. If you want to bigger eat more. If you want to get smaller eat less.

With out knowing a bit more about you now the advice cant get too much more specific.
Add some pictures.

To be honest. There’s not enough information for most on here to really advise you.

OK ok I will take my time for explain later , some subject are difficult for me sorry, especially when I talk about gym ^^

Coming in late to the party on this.

73kg was around my starting weight when I started training more seriously, and I went on an aggressive bulk to be around 90/95kg. I’m currently working on leaning back out to around 80-85kg (wherever I see visible abs). So I guess that’s one way to go around it.

You could also watch everything and slowly add 200 calories over time. I wouldn’t have had the patience for this. But once I hit my goal weight where my abs are visible, I’ll take a small/long surplus to get me to a lean 90kg

How I plan to bulk in a few months:

  1. Find a routine that allows me to recover, train hard, has enough frequency and I enjoy.Last part is extremely important, since consistency will bring the results after all

  2. Go for some kind of record each workout, unless I feel like shit

  3. Start by eating around 3000 calories and adjust on a weekly basis depending on how I am progressing.Goal is to not get too fat

Also I’ll log each workout, to be able to track my progress

Hope it helps

Hey thank u understand completely, I just have a break one week, I will start next Monday, just bodyweight training on the beach.
For to be honest I eat 3700 kcal for 73 kilo, I have a faster metabolism.

So 200 kcal I don’t have also the patience but of course I need to be careful to not take to much fat, how did u do for a good mesure?

All of the Sunday I check my weight in the morning before to eat and after one month I make the calcul it is a good way?

2kilo by month it is not to much? Thank