Goal: 10% BF, Current: 18%. Please Help.

I have been doing some research here for a while on the best way to cut my BF%. I do not have a ton of muscle right now(decent amount) so I would like to do this without really sacrificing muscle. Obviously, I would love to add some if possible but I know that’s very hard.

Anyways, my stats are 6’1 186lbs and 18% body fat. I have been training sporadically for years and have always been distracted by something. School, work…I can never get into a rhythm. Anyways, my current weight was a real eye opener when I checked. I don’t really have any obligations right now and with all this free time, I would really like to change my eating habits(which are decent right now) and get my ass kicked by an intense routine. I have the time to work out every day and I would like to do so(a little scared though because I have over trained in the past).

My goal is 10% BF without sacrificing muscle. I would like to achieve this by June 1.

I know that is a very short time length. I am not one of those guys looking for a summer body. I actually start a very intense job in May and will likely not have a lot of time to work out, if any. I want to be in the best possible shape by then so that when I do work out, it is more of a maintenance thing. Also, I think that fixing up my diet now will hopefully become a routine so that when I work, eating healthy is just part of my life and not work anymore.

Diet: Initially, my plan was to go low carb/high protein so that the pounds would melt off and the protein would maintain the muscle. After some research, I found out that this idea was retarded. Since then, I’ve just been overwhelmed by the information on this site and don’t know what the best approach is. What should my daily caloric intake be? How should it decrease every week?

Training: I know I will have to implement cardio. Ugh, I hate running. I saw some HIIT program that was done on a stationary bike. Is this as effective as running? My knees haven’t had the best history when running so I am looking for HIIT alternates.

As far as the weight training goes, I think I really like Meltdown Training. If you have any other training programs that you think would be better for me given these specific goals, please do.

John Romaniello just released an e-book on fat loss. He prides it on getting leaner in a short period of time with this drastically different style of training. Looks pretty intriguing to me personally, and it sounds like you might be a candidate for fast fat loss while trying not to sacrifice muscle. Check it out. If you don’t want to pay, check out articles in the nutrition and diet section or training section, I’m sure you can find something that will suit your needs.


When cutting weight I don’t change my training radically.
Drop volume slightly.
Add steady state cardio a couple of times a week if needed.

Diet is where you should focus your efforts.
Carb cycling has worked extremely well for me and others here.
Check out the thread in the supplements and nutrition forum.

That being said. If you are 186lbs at 6’1 and 18% bf this means your lbm is 152lbs.
At 6’1 you may not look as good as you’d like once you cut down.

Consider eating at maintenance for a while and focus on getting stronger.

Just eat more protein and keep the sugar down. You wont make the progress you want in the time you want. You can lose some fat and hopefully gain some muscle. How come you can’t work out regularly. At minimum its like 3 hours per week. If you cant find 3 hours per week to get some training in then i think you have bigger problems than being too fat for your liking.


I personally had great progress on the Cheat to Lose diet last summer.

To get to 10% you need to lose ~15lbs of fat. Keep in mind the first week or two is a lot of water weight and carb depletion. Losing 1-2 lbs of FAT per week would take you about 2.5 months minimum to reach your goal.

Your goal for June 1 is attainable. Check out these articles for nutrition and training program. I’ve used them to cut up in the past.

In the link posted above, CT recommends a fat intake equal to protein intake.

If I want to keep my carbs to 50g/day(about 200 cal per day), am I supposed to have get the rest of my calories from fat and protein? That sounds insane.

I weigh 186 and I would like to do bodyweightx10 for calories. That’s 1860 calories per day. If I cut carbs to 50g(200 cal), that means I need to have over 1600 cals from protein or fat…

Wtf? What am I not understanding?

What you read is correct. Carbs at less than 50g and protein/fat at roughly a 50/50 split.

So 50g of carbs is 200 calories
I want to get to 1860 calories/day

which means I need 1660 from protein/fat
with a 50/50 split…

thats 207.5 grams of protein and 92.2 grams of fat

Doesn’t that fat intake seem high?

Nope, like Thibs said…macronutrient intake still needs to be roughly in proportion during a low-carb diet, that and you’re trying to trick your body into switching fuel sources from carbs to fat. I think if I read right he said that switch would take about 10-14 days

If protein calories per day= fat calories per day, wouldn’t my body also run the risk of just using the protein for fuel. He mentioned in the article that this happens sometimes to people who cut carbs and up the proteins. How do I ensure that it doesn’t happen though? I realize this is the hard part.

207.5 grams of protein and 92.2 grams of fat is correct. I was taking in more calories than you and my fat intake was around 150g a day.

Some people drop carbs AND fat while increasing protein. They are on a low carb, low fat, high protein diet. Protein may be at 70-80%. This could cause a problem with burning muscle for fuel.
If you really want to you could spend the first two weeks at 70% fat/ 30% protein then switch to 50/50.

You seem like you have a good handle on what was written, now give it a shot. You will be pleased with the results if you believe in the program.

the diet sounds kind of Atkins-like. I’m giving it a go.

My BF went from 20% to 14% just by doing intense gym workouts.
I prefer Waterbury programs because they are whole body workouts.

Hint: If there is a sauna in your gym, use it after training. It really makes your metabolic rate go through the roof. Plus sauna relaxes your muscles.