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Go-To Protocols for Strength Training?

Hi Paul

If one top set in the 8-12 range is your ‘go-to’ for hypertrophy, what is/are your basic, go-to protocol(s) when training primarily for strength?


He wrote a book on that topic. You can get in on Amazon. I’m not saying this to be a wise ass but you’re asking him to answer in a post what took up a book. I found his book helpful.


Base building? I’m familiar. But methods and training philosophies can evolve and I was asking a fairly specific question (in relation to Paul’s current go-to set/rep scheme for strength). Thanks though.

Paul stated recently he stands by base building and its principles. Even said he wouldn’t change anything about that book for strength training as he was able to do some pretty high level stuff using those principles and a lot of other guys have as well.

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Base Building is still what I tell people to go to when they want to ask about strength training. Those principles still apply.

My principles for hypertrophy haven’t really changed in 30 years, and once I really dug into the science of strength work, I did the base building models.

I’ve been using CAT method on my lifts for a few weeks now and I’ll say it’s amazing the amount of soreness I have had. Very light weights vs what I used to use for same sets reps. Was this common for you or is this an indication I may have loads to high?

You really have to stay focused using this method to make every rep count. There’s no garbage volume or sets allowed everything is done with purpose. I really enjoyed the book though it’s a great read.