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Go To Hell Tea Party


Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), who is certainly not known for pulling any punches, told the Tea Party to "go straight to hell" at a recent town hall meeting. Rep. Waters has been ubiquitous lately, showing up on various cable news shows as she tours with the Congressional Black Caucus, doling out criticism for just about everyone.

She's criticized the President for compromising too much with the Tea Party, and for not making a point to visit black communities on his recent bus tour. As she turns her anger toward the Tea Party, despite it being warranted, one does have to wonder if Dennis Kucinich is on vacation and prompting Maxine Waters to take over his usual position as token left-wing extremist.

The best part of all this is, California has the 2nd worst unemployment, behind Nevada, and with this state being super Democratic, I have no idea why she is blaming the Tea Party when they don't exist here.


Pay attention my T-Nation peoples, this is what happens when Liberals tax and regulate DA FUCK out of a state. Business leaves for more friendlier environments. So not only does this state hurt from Obama rule, but an entirely Democratic state legislature and Democratic Governor who is a slave to the Union whore-masters.

This bitch is currently under an ethics investigation for lobbying funding for a bank her husband runs.


Just curious folks, what would happen if a Tea Party person told the Congressional Black Caucus to "go to hell"?

Would they get a pass ?


No, they would not.

Yay for civil discourse...


When progressives or democrats do it, it is "truth to power".

When conservatives or tea party types do it, it is "racist" or something.

Apply that to any news story, and you have your big media narrative.



Should one expect a real debate coming from a silly, childish liberal?


No but you cannot compare the righteous and never wrong black caucus to the evil Tea party. The MSLM has painted a picture of the Tea Party as being racist and this eveokes comments from idiots like Maxine waste a time.


Yeah, but she's not afraid of anybody....so that will probably help out. No?


As long as she says the right things to her constituents at least she won't have to worry about HER OWN job, and that is the primary goal of any good bureaucrat.


But didn't the Democratic Party suggest to tone down the vicious rhetoric and vitriol following he Gabby Giffords shooting ? I thought we needed to be civil, and disagree without being disagreeable ?


1) Maxine Waters is a vote-grabbing whore just like every other politician...Tea Party, Black Caucus or otherwise.

2) What this clip showed me was just how divided a nation we are, and probably will always be, often along racial lines...and there is enough blame to go around.

Blacks too often paint whites with a broad brush (e.g. "racist")

And guess what, "PWI"? Whites too often paint blacks with a broad brush. (lazy ghetto queens and hood rats, sucking on the tit of "Mama Nanny State" and taking money out of the pockets of "Hard Working Americans" (code words for "Whites").

It's ALL bullshit, that lessens us as a Nation.



...cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came...


She is a loon and the rhetoric does need to be toned down, but my first thought was of Mordor when I heard her quote.


Maximus B , I know you are pretty critical of Cali, I have been spending quite a bit of time there recently, while there definitely thing I do not like , But Cali is a MASS OF HUMANITY. You drive across several states and see no people , as soon as you hit Cali it is wall to wall people. My favorite parts are the same parts the Bears like, I must have been a bear in my past life

Any how no other state could have the same challenges Cali does , because of size and population


Undoubtedly true. However, most of the times I see and read about people sucking on the tit of the Nanny State, it is usually referring to white trash, or at least that is the first thought that comes to my mind rather than "blacks", and that includes on this PWI forum, although I haven't been around as much as I used to be. Also in general in my personal experience, the "hard working americans" phrase is always an immigration topic phrase when I hear it rather than a black/white race issue.


I don't think it matter who you are or not afraid of if you are an idiot which she is. Besides, the Tea Party are constituents not politicians. I am not sure telling your constituency to go to hell is a bright idea. Granted their are probably few in her district, but still.

Besides, liberals seem to like to pretend that 2008-09 didn't exist. You know, where they had a super majority in both houses and a super liberal president. If their ideas where so great, where are the results...Oh the result is that everything got worse.
Ooops. I guess fucking everything up and making everything worse is a kind of progress too.




Mufasa it is bullshit, but who brings it up and gets away with it most of the time. Had any other color said that it would be all over the MSM.
And to pitgirl how many of those in Cali are Illegal my friend sucking the tit of you and me? Let me tell you if you eliminate that you can reduce a lot of cost.


I personally don't like LA, I do like Santa Barbara area , not many illegals there unless they are in the Vineyards on the farm or in the Resorts , BITCH


So your saying illegals are only good enough too work in the farms and as bellboys? You racist pig. Dude CA is full of mojoes right in front of Texas you dumbasss.