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Go to Guys for Training and Nutrition?


Hi people

Just wondering who are your go to guys when u pick ur weight training programs and nutritional information

Mine are

Training- Chad Waterbury

Nutrition- John Berardi

I know people have more than one :confused: im just asking whoe everyones favourite's are?

Peace out



It's hard for me to pick favorites, but here goes:

Training - John Davies, Chad Waterbury, Matt Wiggins, Greg Glassman

Nutrition - Almost every internet resource available, especially T-mag stuff

Gotta love it.


Training - The Pro Maker, Joe DeFranco

Nutrition - John Berardi


I like a lot of the stuff at T-mag for training, and nutrition associated with the training programs.

Typically I'll take the training/nutrition ideas from this website and discuss it with my exercise phys. grad student friends here on campus (UIUC). This lets me get an opinion from them based on experience through their training and training of fellow athletes.

The guys here at T-mag are great and give a lot of exceptional info, I just like to talk about it in person with other people in the performance enhancement field.



Concerning T mag trainings, I'm now using ABBH1 by Chad Waterbury. Then I'm planning to use ABBH2, Quattro Dynamo or "Westside for Skinny bastards" by Joe De Franco, then "Single's club".
I don't use supplements. Never done a diet. For dinner,I simply eat what my wife cooks.


While all the coaches are great I would have to say my most influential is Chad Waterbury. His programs have done wonders for myself and helping with my mother and her situation.

Once again Thanks CW, keep up the solid work. We are in debt to you 4 sure. Also mom is just itching for the day she gets the O.K. to start her w/o's again. It will be your ABBH again, but I think I will have to start her with body weight mainly.

Sorry to get off topic guys.

As far as Nutrition. JB of course is a great help, as well as LL. JB's info. and the time he lent to me personally led to major life changes and a healthyb existance.

I think the greatest thing is once you get past the specific nutrition programs and get the larger picture. Sure I use and have great success with programs such as "Massive Eating", "T-dawg 2" and the like, but even JB has stated numerous times that these are one cycle he uses and not a way of life. The greatest results I find are by taking all the info. and applying it in a way that works great for you.

All in all I would say my training and nutriton has benefitted from all the sources, including my fellow T-peeps right here on the forumn.

So, THANK YOU to everyone that has anything to do with making the mag and the forumn a positive environment to get info. and real life experience to share and use.

That is my little rant.



Hey Guys,

For training: Big fans of coaches like Charles Staley, CT, Dave Tate, Louie and the rest of the WSB gang, also pulled a lot of great info from Dr. Mel Siff's writings and of course from this great resource know as T-Mag.

For Nutrition: Berardi, Inchledon, Lowery are all great guys with tons fo good info for us all.

Just my 2 cents.


Training: Joe De Franco, Chad Waterbury and Dave Tate.

Diet: Anyone who USED TO BE as skinny as I am!

I don't have much trouble staying lean so I just try and get enough protein and eat as much of everything else as I can.


Training: Brooks Kubik, Matt Furey, Charles Poliquin, Coach Davies.

I haven't lifted regularly in a few years, so I haven't had a chance to try out some of the routines offered by more recent coaches on t-mag like Waterbury, THibadeau, Alessi etc.

I gotta give props to John Jesse as well, he wrote my all time favorite exercise book: Wrestling Physical COnditioning Encyclopedia


Pretty much any contributor to T-Mag.

Favorites include:




I?m a jackal in that I take the best concepts from each coach and merge it into my programs. So I am my own go to guy. I want to thank all the contributors on T-mag for giving us awesome info.