Go-to Convenient Portable Meals

I thought this might be a fun idea for a topic, as we potentially go back to work one day…

I’m thinking of convenience, i.e. I can just grab it out of the fridge/ pantry and throw it in my bag; when it’s time to eat, it requires, at most, a microwave and water.

I try to focus on protein and carbs… the fats just come.

I like:

  • Left-overs - obviously the number one. If I’ve actually cooked anything, I scoop some in a tupperware, and we’re good to go.
  • Egg whites - you can just pour these in a container and microwave them wherever you end up. If you don’t want people to think you’re a sociopath for the smell, sprinkle any herbs in the container before you pack it up.
  • String cheese - I said no fats, but this is a good snack.
  • Whey protein - obvious on convenience and macros; I got these little funnel things where you can pour a scoop or two in, clip it to your bag, and then pour it into any water bottle.
  • Berries - these come from the store in their own container!
  • Greek yogurt - single-serving packages, good macros.
  • Apples - same dealio.
  • Rice cup - these are single-serving cups of minute rice you just microwave.
  • Grilled chicken packs - these are pretty slick, too; single-serving packages of precooked chicken. They used to have steak, that I much preferred, but I can no longer find it.
  • Frozen bags of veggies - I like broccoli with cheese.

Things I don’t like:

  • Canned Tuna - ate too much in college, it smells, and it’s disgusting.
  • Bananas - you’re stuck with the peel and I just don’t like them.
  • Frozen berries - seems like it would be fine, but they melt and make a mess.
  • Rice cakes - I like them, but they take up too much space in a bag and they like to get all crumbly.
  • Whole eggs - I don’t like them hardboiled, and there’s no other version that won’t smell so bad in the microwave I’m not allowed back.

What are yours??


As I said in another thread, burritos.

Have leftovers and don’t want to eat them with a fork? Burrito. Don’t want to use both hands to eat? Burrito. Eating and driving but your knees aren’t tall enough to steer? Burrito.

They take 2 minutes to make (granted you have some greens and leftover meat, some shredded cheese and a sauce). Also, a very easy way to add calories. Another thing I like about them is that if you put too much stuff on one tortilla, just add another and roll one into the other. You can put almost anything on a flour tortilla shell because they have such a neutral taste as well.

Also, home made beef jerky. Whether in a dehydrator, smoker or oven, I love it.

Edit: never heard of grilled chicken/steak packs… do you mean the kind you get at a grocery store? Just a precooked meal? Or is this some sort of sealed thing you buy at a gas station


Yeah, they’re little bags of already grilled up meat. Usually in the frozen food section. I know Costco and Kroger and Publix all have some version. Loaded with sodium, so likely not ideal for everyone, but better than McDonald’s!

This is a great thread idea, so let’s generate more replies!

Similar to @boilerman’s reply, I suggest the lowly sandwich. Use good bread, whatever the means to you, and add loads of meat, veggies, cheese and/or sauce, and you’ve got a portable, all-macros-present, one-hand-edible, no-utensils-required meal.

For example, after Thanksgiving, grab a couple slices of real wheat bread, slap on some mayo or mustard (but not both, you weirdos), add a big gob of lettuce or spinach, and stack with thick slabs of turkey. Wash down with the thermos of coffee every working man/woman/teenager oughta be carrying in lieu of Starbux and other overpriced coffee joints. Pair with a seasonal apple for dessert, and you’re fueled and nourished for several hours. Or pumpkin pie. Yeah. Choose that.


I learned that its possible to nuke sweet potatoes on here and that’s something I’ve done a lot at the office.

Overnight oats, either prepared at home or made at the office before heading home in preparation for the next day.

Cottage cheese/quark


Home-made bars

Roasted chickpeas

Popcorn (either bag or buy a silicone bowl to keep at the office)

@TrainForPain a egg cooker is like 9USD, and then you don’t have to go hardboiled. Option?


Perhaps. I don’t know what an egg cooker is? So long as it doesn’t smell of Satan’s farts when heated, I’m greatly on-board.

I salivated reading this whole paragraph. The best part of thanksgiving is the week of meals after thanksgiving!

And thanks for the thread resurrection.

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Looks like this


Can’t say anything about smell because I’ve never thought boiled eggs smell bad

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canned fish mixed with diced cooked mushrooms (nuked for 2 min or so) and mustard (flavour and moisture) was/is a go to when I’m busy. Takes less than 10 min to prep, “cook” and clean up provided you have a good can opener

  • high protein, low carb and some omega 3s+ micros+ fiber thrown in

What kind of fish? This has potential to be amazing!

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You animal

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Canned salmon

Costco brand is very affordable and has amazing macros. 32g protein/can and only 160kcal


I have to go with @Voxel on this one.
Caveat: I have yet to find out what a fart smells like

You should hang around my hacienda for a day
…you’d get a pretty good idea. In fact my son has already graced me with wake up dad fart. It worked. I was awake.


How is that possible? You don’t live in the world?

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My brother makes plenty.
My nose is just dysfunctional. On the other hand, I can hear a car trunk close from across our house ( front door closed) while watching a youtube video with earbuds in

Well don’t hold your breath on that one. :rofl:

Oh, that’s a bad joke.

My favorite easy portable food is canned tuna/salmon/chicken with pineapples and rice.

Sriracha on the pineapples, only heat the rice.

Home prepared version:

And a goobered up hot sauce smiley. :smiling_face:


That’s got to be an interesting taste. I’ve never thought about combining pineapples into something like that. I might give it a whirl

Oh, it hits all kinds of marks. Sweet, hot, tangy, Mmmm!

Great using chicken breast or tenders too.

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But they do, and they will. Such a disgusting food. Satan’s farts smell that way because of creatine, even he hates eggs. They’re embryos. That smell like farts. Why not just eat farts? You barely have to chew them, and they have no calories. I don’t get it. Heathens, all egg eaters. Fucking disgusting. I am very angry. And I’m sorry.

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