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Go The F*ck To Sleep




Scroll down to the vid and listen to Samuel L. Jackson reading it!


hahah my fav. is the last part


Amazing haha! Just discovered this book myself last week on a torrent. Great laugh as is!


pure. fucking. gold.


Hilarious. Thanks ID

Shared to Facebook.


"You're not thirsty, that's bullshit. Stop lying."

This bedtime story was hilarious.


I used to do the same thing with my boy when he was a little dripper. Fuck you curious George, stay put fer fuck sakes just one time...JEsus lol. He thought it was hilarious of course.

It probably explains why his two favorite movies are Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.


That's fantastic!

When I read a story to my kindergarten class I never use a book...they just keep asking to see the pictures...so I make stuff up, like the day Superman went shopping.
I just tell them how Superman or Optimus Prime or whoever woke up and didn't need to work so he got dressed and had a bowl of Cheerios and watched a bit of TV and blahblahblah with nothing but routine stuff all day. The kids listen and in about 5 minutes they may not be asleep but they are just in some sort of torpor from the dull story.


As the parent of a nap-hating two year old boy whose normal bedtime is never earlier than 10pm, I heartily endorse this book.


I've never had any trouble getting my son to sleep. It wasn't the stories I read him, but the boring drone of my voice. I never once got completely through The Cat in the Hat before he was out like Leon Spinks at the hands of Mike Tyson.


It probably also helped that he was as tall as you when he was three years old. It was like he was having a slumber party with his friend.



Mini-Thor doesn't take kindly to taunts. That is what his hammer is for....you weak mortal!


And you wonder why you're not on my Friends list.



LOL, the perfect hammer for any manlet.


Dude, Mini-Thor does not qualify as "manlet". He lifts weights too much and actually looks normal in proportion.

He's a Thor-let.






Yeah! Where's that dumbass Gavinrossdale now?


Or a godlet perhaps.