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Go Sheriff Joe


Sheriff Joe Arpaio is conducting a sweep of illegal aliens in Maricopa County, despite Secretary of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano claiming the opposite. Looks like Reverend Al Sharpton is joining the cause, for what reason I have no idea. I wish we here in LA had a sheriff like this.



I wish we had more people in the U.S. like Sheriff Joe. I'll be surprised if Janet Napolitano doesn't get a PR bruising over her comments on this.


I personally voted for Joe, but it is because of that single issue . There are rumors of all kinds of problems. I do say he is one of the most loyal employers i have ever wittnessed in the public light


Joe is mighty tough, but I think thats how you have to be with some of the legal issues. People complain about tent city and the pink underwear, well don't commit crimes and you won't end up there. He is the only Sheriff (or law enforcement official for that matter) who is upholding the law and should be commended for it. Could you imagine if he was attorney general? All those AIG and Fanny Mae bastards would be in really deep shit, something we need in this country.


I agree - except I think there are a lot of great law enforcement officers out there also doing great work like this - but without the community support and recognition that Joe gets.

He is a real America hero in my opinion.


Speaking of Tent City and pink underwear... I've always been of a mind where prisoners should be made to work. You want to eat? Get your ass out in a self contained farm(hypothetical) that each prison should have. If there is a surplus, the food goes into the U.S. market. We should cut out all the cell phones, tv, basketball, weights, and start making a prison term what it is meant to be a punishment.


You realize we have a Constitutional amendment banning slavery yes?


[i]Amendment XIII

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. [/i]


The devil is in the details...


You know what - you're right - no more chain gangs, no forced labor camps - I'm all for it. I have the perfect solution that is in keeping with all of the diverse interests involved in criminal prosecution and punishment - You guys are gonna love this one.

OK, first, we designate a specific territory as a penal zone (I'm personally voting for LA to win - but a large island would work best - hey is anyone using Cuba for anything important?) and then we build a wall around it.

Everyone convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison gets dumped into the penal zone and it is entirely up to them to survive.

Society does not have to pay for feeding, clothing, schooling, medical care, counseling, etc. The convict serves his time and if he survives, he can show up at the only gate and be released back into normal society.

No death penalty, no slave labor, no cruel or unusual punishment, no costs, no problem -I love it.

Reminds me of this one time in Bogata when we took this female albino llama and a male platypus and put them in the same cage for a few weeks . . .then we had llamapus's everywhere . . . or would they be plallamas - not sure.


It's been done........um, in Hollywood at least:

Kurt Russell is Snake Pliskin


Not a bad idea. I will also submit that just punishment is in the best interest of those convicted.

I say the state stops punishing criminals all together. Someone is suspected of raping a minor, what do you think will happen? Remember, retrobution is not punishable just like the original crime.

Now, no punishment is an extreme example but the basics are correct. If the law abiding public starts to think that the punishment doesn't match the crime they will exact their own justice. Especially if they don't fear the lightened reprocusions. There is a tipping point. If the bleeding heart liberals find this point, society will find it's own form of punishment.


thanks tGunslinger... i have the urge to say Boom Roasted for some reason...


It's also been done in Death Race(kind of) with Jason Stathom.


I didn't see any plallamas in any of those movi . .. ahh dang it - missed the point again. . .

Yeah - i know - not an original idea to me - but still a great idea!


If he were head of DHS shit would get handled!!!


I want to see say the same thing after one of your loved ones is raped or killed by one of those slimeballs in prison.


That, and Australia.


except that prison terms are meant to be rehabilitation, since ya know, they get released at a certain point, and not everyone gets to live in a gated community.

and giving the government a population of unpaid laborers supply goods into a market where everyone else has to pay for labor is...

isn't that why they make license plates instead?


im all up for reducing benefits in prison (i have to pay for a gym membership but they lift for free?).

but i really dont see how dumping people into one large prison cell with no food, water, ect. is not unusual or cruel.

also you dont mention that your exacting one punishment for every single crime...