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Go See 'The Hangover'


Go see it! Fuckin hilarious. I was in tears and felt like I was gonna pee myself..


The ending was hilarious!


I concur, except for the peeing myself part. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just got back from seeing it. I thought it was funny.


the guy with the beard was the best "fat jesus"


LOl shit was soooo fucking funny. I liked it that it was funny throughout the whole thing.

"They should call them floories.......... or rapies"


The photos during the credits destroyed me, especially Allan and the old lady in the elevator haha. WTF


I co sign this message.

The pics from the digi cam at the end are worth the $12.


Wow, someone started a movie thread before Vader. He must be losing his touch. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good shit. Saw it with with four of my buddies and for the rest of the day we were quoting it.


I saw it, it's funny for sure. Not pee your pants funny but it's a good laugh.




horseshit, the movie is hilarious, I was laughing my ass off the entire time, I hit the floor during those pictures at the end, and Tyson was hilarious as well


Male nudity warning.

It was pretty good.


There was a few moments, but that was the only time I really laughed, at the end.


sucks to have your sense of humor then


Its a good flick. there havent been any comedy movies out this year that made me laugh as much throughout the whole movie.


I love comedies and I honestly never wanted to laugh during this movie. It was terrible. The two minutes of photos at the end were funnier than the rest of the entire movie. You can all discredit my opinion though, I think Family Guy is retarded and Arrested Development was horrible.


yup, your review cannot be trusted


I agree the funniest part was the ending. It's not bring tears to my eyes funny, but funny enough for me to recommend to all my friends. The guy in the trunk part was great too.


that movie was fucking hilarious i saw it opening day with one of my friends we laughed throughout the whole thing. it was brilliant and the pictures at the end holy fucking shit i almost died.

the preview for the movie Sorority Row had me laughing the hardest though when he stabbed her in the neck with the wrench then was like SHE WASN'T DEAD! everyone was silent and me and my friend started busting up laughing, i've never seen something more ridiculous on the big screen.