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Go Read T-Cell Alpha


Although i may not have an invite to participate, i think every newbie who begins here should spend at least a little while checking out the T-Cell Alpha threads. There is a continuous supply of knowledge from the guys who've been in the game for a while and also guys who are making serious progress and not letting anything - or anyone - stand in there way of achieving whatever they've set out to achieve.

I've been spending a lot of time over there recently - cos the bodybuilding forum has gone a little wayward - and i suggest people do the same.


Then after you've achieved some level of understanding that doesn't stem from internet gurus or muscle mags, you should be able to begin making good gains and if problems arise - and youve outsourced every possible article here on T-Nation - then go ahead, ask questions.

Lets try and make this place a little more accessible and cohesive to those really wanting help and not to people who are just to lazy to do some prior research.

/End Rant

Thanks - Rob


yeah I like reading the t-cell a lot...I actually hope it stays more exclusive and they don't let anyone in until they get jacked and seem decently smart. I'm sure half the noobs like us are begging for an invite


they seem to let alot of newbs in... which just makes me want to tear my eyes out when reading those 15 year olds bitch about eating carbs and having 6 packs.


I spend a hell of a lot more time viewing the T-Cell Alpha than I do viewing the rest of the forum. So much information and ideas. Pro-a-ggression is right - READ READ READ - You can never stop learning.


Edit: Damn, just remembered I was going to wait till the new year to register so I wouldn't be part of the '09 crowd. Ah well, shit happens....right?....Right?


The main problem of T-cell Alpha is that it lacks activity. The main problem of the bodybuilding forum is that it's lagging quality. Thing are improving here though.


Couldn't agree more. Sad but true.



the only problem I have with the t-cell is that cause the people in their are aware that all you need is progressive resistance and too eat more to grow their isn't much activity in that forum. It is a shame however I guess it is a case quantity over quality.


The noobs that gets let in typically show a few qualities:

1 - A thirst for knowledge

2 - A desire to actually add large amounts of muscle muss

3 - Have shown better than average results, usually using a training program consisting of more than Chest on monday, Arms on Wed, Chest on Monday...

4 - Not being trolls... Not having posts with the words "Ewwww... who wants to look like that?"

The Professor generally picks great people to be in the cell, making it fun to read, informative, and keeping the trolls out (which was the point in the first place)


I agree that the t-cell is a great resource. But really, all you need to do is look for the posts of the usual suspects for great info like CC, Modok, etc.


I read the tcell sometimes, but lately it's just been for my own amusement.

Definitely good fucking information in there, but also a lot of noobs who are 'committed' this month.

I do think X is too quick to invite the noobs who show potential though. I don't know if most of them are doing to well.


Or when they got called out, everyone finds out that they haven't worked out in about six months and worry too much about their hair.


exactly!! I personally don't post in the T Cell. I've been a "member" pretty much since it started. I don't really get the whole "let's have a place where only the "serious" people can post". I also don't agree with leaving the decisions up to "sheriffs" and their subjective qualifications.

I would think that if one wanted an exclusive forum, it would be one that is dedicated to those that actually compete at a high level. In my eyes, the forum would be dedicated to competition. there would be threads on dieting, off season training, contest prep, contest results, videos of training, off season photos.. basically the members would detail the steps they take in the process. initiation into the Tcell would happen after you had actually competed in something. It would be something that folks would strive to be a part of. it would give them something to work towards. instead of waiting around for someone to pick you based on whether a sheriff likes you or not.

anyway... that would be my vision.


Yeah, that's a great idea!


awesome idea.

oh wait, but then Professor X couldnt join, since he hasnt ever dieted down for a comp, or even set foot on a stage.. or posted any leg shots.



Got tired of posting this shit under your trextacy username?


yeah cept for me the kent....ahhwell gotta get bigger i guess


lol right... How sad is your life that you make up a new name to shit on some guy from the internet?


That would be a great idea if this site attracted more people who are actually more serious who compete AND actually participate in discussions.

However, it doesn't. I looked for anyone who had built a decent physique AND jumped on stage for the T-Cell...and as it stands, there may be 2 who actually post regularly. The rest don't come here that often or they don't participate.

As it stands, if anyone has built a decent physique and posts pics on this forum, the first ones on their ass are the "steroids/genetics" crowd.

In fact, the only reason we are able to have the discussions we are right now in the bodybuilding forum is because the T-Cell was created and they started monitoring this forum more. Before that, we couldn't post one topic about bodybuilding (especially on a pro level) without getting hit with 50 "eeeew, who would want to look like that" posts.

It is funny how people don't remember that.


I know what YOU meant, but I also know what Maurauder meant. You two are not speaking of the same thing and some of the biggest critics of the T-Cell seem to be people who completely ignored all of the things that happened to cause its creation.

There was no BODYBUILDING discussion at all right before it was created. Animal started that thread in this forum and it was the ONLY bodybuilding related thread here. Every other discussion ended up being tons of little undeveloped guys talking about how functional they want to be and how their 15" arms were big enough.

Then, after the T-Cell is created and people start focusing on bodybuilding again (mostly because TC stepped forward about it), people want to forget that and act like it was never necessary.

I am just pointing that out since so many people seem lost as to why it exists to start with.


Didn't all that shit happen back in 08? I remember I stopped coming here for 4 months or so last year because anytime I posted anything bodybuilding related goals, I'd get my ass e-jumped.