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Go Lance!



LOL! Good for Lance. Will always be a big fan.

Haters gonna hate.

Lance is a badass. Screw the ignorant haters.

Lol Love this. No matter what they say, he still earned all those wins.

lance armstrong = winner, champ, the man

Just wait, this thread, which was not intended as a debate, as that’s been had at least twice now, will still go downhill quickly.

First hate post in 3…2…1…

So much fuss about peddling bike.


Not only is this pic badass, but he and his foundation has done a lot for other people.

I don’t even care anymore what Lance did on a bike. what he has done off the bike (and getting back on the bike period) trumped all those wins.



Fuck Lance and his chicken legs!

The room looks like the set for a 70’s porn flick.

Ya think he could hire a decorator.

That would be most awesome to chill on the couch and take a nap under seven of your very own tour de france championship shirts.

Yeah Lance is cool. I still think that at least the top 10 competitors in every tour he raced were EPO/blood packing as well, & he still kicked their asses.

Good for him.