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Go Jimmy!


I dont know if this was already posted but it's freakin hilarious :smiley:

I almost fell out my chair laughing.


The other 'competitors' on stage, who I'm assuming are up there seriously and not as a joke, are honestly not all that much more impressive than Jimmy. Pathetic.


I think that is some Junior category or something. But never the less some of these guys dont belong on stage same as Jimmy :smiley:


This idea has always gone through my mind, funny to see it happen finally. Would have been funny if they had the opposite of jimmy up there also,-really obese :)- preferably next to him


Shizen, that would remind me of the Chris Farley skit on SNL with Patrick Swayze (sp?).

It was funny though...videographer needs to invest in a tripod. his faces were great.