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Go Heavy or Go Home! The Right Amount

hello i am training for 5 months i done for 4 months stronglifts 5x5 and now i am doin fullbody workout 3 days per week i have workout A B C and do one of each every week ! i see the gainz and i took 8 kilos in the past 7 months i feel great ! i am 182 cm and 74 kg

i do 4 sets of 8-12 reps ! i am not sure if i am using too much or not weight ! i mean for example at rope pushdown for my triceps i can use 60 kg / 130lbs and do 8 very hard pushdowns i feel like i am pushing so hard to do the exercise and i don’t feel the pump or the burn right away i see it and feel it after half an hour or so ! but when i do this exercise slow and steady at 40-50kg i feel the burn this one that make your muscle ichy and u going crazy and u feel like it is going to explode and u can’t stop reps and the pumps and feeling can;t be described !

my main goal for now is size i will return to somekind hybrid or strength focus training at some months from now but at the moment i am looking for hypertrophy ! i am supplement free yet i am having a nice diet and my recovery is very good ! my soreness leaves me at the one days off between the workouts !

which weight i should use i saw people 3 times my size using light weights and doing slow reps yet i see them also doing the same reps with high weights !
i am very confused ! i may mention that at my last workout i did cable bicep curls with 45 kilos and i literaly saw a tear coming off and i was like i am goin to pass out yet i said to my self stop being a bitch and keep pushing but screw it i was so motivated at the moment that i kept pushing through my limits ! ofc now my arms feel sore and my head is going to explode feaguring which weight is right ! the very high intesity with high volume combined OR the medium more slow and with of course better form high volume training ?

What you’re doing seems to be working. So, keep doing it. When it stops, make the smallest changes possible to get it working again.

You’ve pretty much answered your own question here. Feeling the muscle seems key to making it grow.

Those people have probably been training for much longer than you have. What works for them now will quite probably not work for you now - hell, what works for them now would probably not have worked for them when they were at your stage.

Also, what exercises for each did you see them do? For example, doing light, slow high reps on squat is very, very different to doing heavy, high reps on leg press.


To add, at your level, DON’T ASSUME you know what the big guy is actually doing just by watching him. Go and talk to him.

You will not grow without increasing strength. You know the big guy using lighter weights can lift much heavier when he wants to. This should tell you something.

No, I am not telling you to do 5x5. Just increase the weight or reps for what ever exercise you are doing over time.

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If you feel great and 'see the gainz’ then stick to what youre doing.

When stall/feel like kicking it up a gear try this…

thnx mate i will lower a little bit the weight and focus more on better movement both concentric and eccentric so i feel the right burn ! i mean i struggle like when i was hitting PRs for strength while i trying to do more reps and i don’t feel any pump or burn i think my intecity is like 80+% and i see most hypertrophy proggrams has 60-75%
i am more close 90% almost :confused:

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thank u mate i love fullbody workouts and u definetly found my next one ! i will give it a try after some months that i will can’t some some reason continue what i already doing !

Good call. That small adjustment will probably keep you going forward for a while.