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go hard and get out?

i ve read several articles and books which reccomend a cyle of 30-40 days.
im 6’1 205 9%bf 38 yrs. i am going to a 30 dayer and would like some input.the idea is to start out androgenic then transition to anabolic for the end. my goals are to put on 10-15 lbs of lean weight and drop somw bf.
i only have acess to all the t esters and decca. the cylcle looks like this:

-days 1-7 test susp 100mg ed
-days 7-14 75 mg test susp ed
–day 11 start decca 200 mg eod through day 20
-days 14-21 test susp 50 mg ed
-days 21-30 test susp 25 mg ed
-day 15 to 35 arimidex 0.5 mg ed
-day 23 start hcg 500 i.u ed
-day 40 clomid 100 mg ed for 5 days 50 mg ed for 10 more.

ive been reading this post post for a year now and respect your opinions. thanks for the input
qustion? hcg smaller dose ed orlarger less often?

Nandrolone Decanoate or phenylpropionate? Decanoate would just start to work and the test would be clearing your system. Even if you used phenylpropionate your body wouldn’t have enough time to acclimatize to your new mass set point. You would gain a bunch of water and then lose it all. You need to do a longer cycle.

I really don’t think a 4 week cycle with the vitamins you have chosen will do anything for you…The deca by itself will not kick in until the end of your cycle…if you already have these items I would go at least 8 weeks if not 10…

First, if you are gonna go the Test Suspesion route, take .25mg of Arimidex eod. That stuff is not a joke and you need to take anti-e’s ASAP. A 30 day cycle in my opinion is a waste of gear. I would recommend Test Cyp or Enanthate at 250/wk for at least 8 weeks to maximize your growth. Clomid is Ok, but I believe that Nolva is a better choice for PCR. Try a new approach. I think that 30 days is a waste of your time, energy and money.

Scorp is right. Other reasons are as follows: The test suspension is going to hurt like a bitch to inject daily.
The gains you get from the suspension are fleeting! As soon as you d/c it you will lose much of your gains.
The deca may help you keep some of the gains but it will leave you with a limp dick at cycles end. You have one drug that leaves your system within a day and the other can take up to 45 days to leave your system. I advise a different approach. Here are some ideas:

test prop 100 eod
tren 75 ed

and can add: winny 50-75 ed

Primo + winny
Primo + dbol + can add halo

anavar + winny

As you see there are many combinations of short acting class ones and twos that would be a much better stack then deca and test suspension! P-22

If you only want to be on for 4 weeks I’d suggest getting your hands on some Mag-10 if you can find it and do a double dose for 4 weeks; you’d get better gains on that then the cycle you’re proposing now!!!

scorp is on the money. i would even go as far as cyp or enanthate at 500mgs/wk with a 1g front and deca at maybe 400mgs/wk, with a 800mg front. run both 8-10 weeks with proper anti-e’s. if you really want to kick ass then add dbol at 25mgs/ed first 6 weeks. this cycle would yield 20+ lbs easily if this is one of your first. you should be able to keep quite a bit with proper pct.