Here?s a link to a web site dedicated to the ?Flames? girls that go down to 17th ave after the Calgary Flames win a home game. Thank you Calgary ? last night was awesome!!!
Janet Jackson, eat your heart out!!!

address doesnt work

The Flames will lose to The Flyers in 6!!! Let’s Go Flyers!!!

Flames will win the Cup for sure. The Flyers will fall in 5!

There’s no way the Flames could beat any team in 5 they can’t win at home hahahahahahahaha and they certainly won’t beat the Flyers!

No one can stop Iginla (his short handed goal last night was effortless), now that TO is out.

That would be a good prediction except that the Flyers won’t be getting by Tampa…Flames in 6 to win the cup. GO FLAMES GO !

site is working again…
flames or sharks will when…bottom line

Site is back up and running


Iggy!Gelinas!Regehr! Calgary eliminates a third divisional champ. Calgary fans kick ass, it would have been wild to be in the saddledome this evening.

Go Lightning!

Go Lightning? Give me a break. It’s pretty sad when they have to start selling tickets for $2 in the third round of the playoffs to get a sellout there. I live in Toronto and I can’t even get tickets to a regular season game, let alone a playoff game.

heres a new and improved site

Way to go FLAMES!!! YEAH



Hockey is still pretty new in the south. And, most southern sports fans are the fair weather type. They have to do something to fill the stands.

That being said “Go Lightning!!!”

You know…I feel bad for people in Tampa Bay. In a few years when hockey starts to catch on, all of those people who didn’t go watch them now are going to be kicking themselves.

As for the Flames, I have tried to become a fan (only Canadian team left), and as much as I like Jerome Iginla, I just can’t bring myself to like them. CLUTCH AND GRAB anyone? Zzzzzz.

Dont care about the flames.

But them flamesgirls are fine…

The Cup is comming South Ya’ll!!!

Go Lightning Go!!!

Tonight the Lightning go down,HARD!!! LET’S GO FLYERS!!!

How bout them Flyers? ALL the pressure is on the Lightning now! Flyers vs Flames starting on Tues!

Tonight the Lightning will taste defeat at the hands of the Flyers!!!