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Go Bucks, Beat Michigan


In Honor of a great football rivalry:

Q: What is the only sign of intelligent life in Michigan?

A: The freeway sign that says "Columbus, 192 miles".

Q: What does the average UM student get on his SAT?

A: Drool

Q: What do you get when you breed a groundhog and a UM Wolverine?

A: Six more weeks of bad football.


Wow, I can't wait for the Wolverines to ruin another season for the fuckeyes. Its gonna be great when PSU loses to MSU and they capture a 3rd consecutive Big Ten title.


You know, I could ban you from this website with one single mouse click...unless, of course, you say something nice about Michigan.


Go for it, TC! You know you want to! Take him out! :slight_smile:


Is Ohio a state? Last time I checked that name was just a highway that led to some place else..


Q: How do you get to the game on Saturday?

A: Go north until you smell it, west until you step in it.



Whoop some ass TC, I got your back.





Atomic...I think Id die if I lost T-Nation.

It should be a good game Saturday..Looking forward to it




what kind of car does Jim Tressel own? Lloyd Carr!

from the past....

to now....

It doesn't matter who you root for you gotta admit, AJ Hawk is an ungodly beast.


Buckeye jersey- check
Buckeye necklace- check
"O" Ohio State hat- check
Access to Big Screen w/ HDTV- check

I guess I'm ready for Saturday. Go Bucks! (Class of '96)



Go Bucks, Baby...

Over at my boss' house with the 70" projection and surround...


Muck Fichigan.



You forgot the noose and folding chair to kick out from underneath you..


Nope didn't forget them. The noose came undone when Hamby dropped the TD pass against Texas and then the damn chair broke following the interception in the Penn State game. I guess I'm fortunate they were made in Michigan.

Go Bucks!


Man will I be a beligerent, wasted ass for this game. GO BUCKS!!

class of '03

(and yes, i know Ohio is not the best state in the union but i will always be a hardcore Bucks fan)


Come saturday afternoon, I'm gonna be singin the greatest college fight song in the country.

Hail to the Victors

Go Blue!!


On a neutral standpoint, just imagine if both these teams won out so far! Michigan would of been number 2, OSU would of been number 3, and this game would of decided the Big Ten Title, and who goes to the National Title, this game would of been HUGE, it would of been simply the biggest OSU-TSUN game in the rivalry's history



You do realize that you could say that about ANY of the big CFB rivalries?

How does that make this game so big?




This is the biggest game in college football hands down.

Go Bucks!