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Go Boston!


Sorry fellas, I just have to put something up about this. The Sox and the Yankees are having the war to end all wars this weekend, and I am praying that Big Papi and the Bosox once again destroy the Evil Empire. The NY media is calling Fenway Park "the epicenter for all sports" this weekend (gotta love'em), and I am getting very anxious.

By the way, being a Red Sox fan from Jersey blows dogs for quarters. There are no bars that like my kind!


Red Sox sounds like a bunch of commies.

Go Yankees!


Even though I live in Minnesota now, I grew up 2 hours from Boston.

Faithful as always - GO SOX!


This is whats going to happen. The sox will take 2 out of 3 to tie the spankees. Monday the sox will once again dance on new york's lawn when they win the tiebreaker. The yankees will then lose the wildcard tiebraker against the indians on tuesday.



Haha. Its a left wing conspiracy. Start a thread on it in the Politics section.

And Big Papi won another game for them last night. If he isn't the MVP, then that award is bullshit.



WHITE SOX that is!!!


One championship and the Sox fans come out of the woodwork.

Last summer I never saw a Red Sox hat. Win the World Series and I see a hundred brand new hats. Like weeds popping up in the garden.

At least the Yankees, Pirates, Phillies and Orioles fans around here are consistent.


It's not just Red Sox fans. Look at the year after any team wins the championship - you'll see more fans. I don't like it, just the way it is.

But to deny the fact that (true) Red Soxs fans are inconsistent is just plain crazy talk. :wink:


ML Baseball is the biggest piece of shit sport on in existance. They are the biggest freakin babies around. They make way too much money for what they do and should be happy to be playing at all to begin with.

I have not watched a single pitch since the last strike (2nd strike). It's been over 10 years I think.

I play baseball and love it, but I don't give those losers any acknowledgement or my money or time at all......except for expressing my distaste and anger toward them.


I obviously have issues. I grew up idolizing them. I even hung out with Billy Martin and Vida Blue when I was a kid.

I was crushed and nexer got over it....never will.....Fuckers.



Red Sox just have to win this. I've been talking too much smack to Yankees fans on the board this year. It won't be complete until the Yankees lose and I can rub it J23T's face!


My hopes and dreams for the weekend

Red Sox-Al East champs
Indians-Al wildcard
New Yawk-GOlf Yankess GOlf


Easy man. I understand how you could feel that way, I think all baseball fans do too an extent. But I started the thread to extol the few remaining great moments that are possible. red Sox- Yankees is one them.

I'm not that old, so I can't say that I really remember or don't remember alot of Red Sox fans around. But I watched them lose against Arron Fuckin Boone, I remember Pedro when he was a legend. I've been through enough crap wearing a Red Sox hat!

we're gonna take these games, and leave the Yanks high and dry.


i've never actually met anybody that rooted for another team. do they really exist ? i mean yeah i've thrown beer on people who said they were skanks fans but i just thought they were all hired out of work wannabe actors.


Yankees are AL East Champs!

With Cleveland losing the Red Sox have a good chance of taking the Wild Card.


not a bad thing. the best way to give it to 'em in the ass is from behind.


The Boston Red Socks are gay?


Well, where I live, Boston, the Sox fans are die-hard loyal. It isn't until they actually eliminated the Yankees last year that the entire country started coming out of the Sox closet.

It's a lot of fun to wear my Babe Ruth jersey and piss them off. :slightly_smiling:


hey if people want to jump the bandwagon what's the big deal ? it's a party man ! what's wrong with becoming a new fan ? people like winners at least in this country. what are you french ?


and btw if i screw you in the ass, like the sox did the spanks today, that would make you gay. not me.