Go Big or Go Home- First Rodeo

Hey all,

I have recently discovered that I have low testosterone after having some bloodwork done by my doctor. He immediately put me onto Androgel, and I’ve been using about 2 grams per day since, per his instruction. For various reasons, Androgel is proving not to be ideal for me, so I decided to make the switch into injectables. I lucked out with the doctor, and so I don’t think that it will be an issue getting a scrip for test before I start this cycle. The reason for the prescription will be some form of deniability for travel and/or the rumor mill at work.

I’m a competitive powerlifter, and since I will no longer be able to compete in the tested category (Androgel carries the risk of showing up as a positive also, I found out), I decided I might as well start cycling.

I’m 24 years old, and have been training seriously for 3 years. I compete raw Current 1RM records are squat= 451 lb, bench= 315 lb, and deadlift= 455 lb. I’m 5’4", 200 lbs, and around 15% bf, though I haven’t been tested in some time. I’ll be training 4 days a week, and will begin to cycle GPP work (sled, hammer, prowler, etc.) again as cardio.

I’ve had gyno since puberty, so I’ll be keeping a vigilant eye out for sides. I have a couple of people at my gym who are helping to guide me through this first cycle who have been through similar TRT issues as mine, as well. Here’s what I have put together:

Weeks 1-12: 500 mg Test C, 400 mg Deca, 25 mg Proviron ED
Weeks 1-4: 50 mg Phera Plex ED
Weeks 14-19: 80 mg Anavar ED
Weeks 13 on: 200 mg Test C

The Proviron acts as a mild AI, so I’m hoping this will help to keep most sides in check. If not, I’ll have some Aromasin ready to go just in case (would run this at 25 mg EOC or E3D if needed). I’ll be taking a trip to Australia at the end of the cycle, so the anavar will help firm up a bit before I head out.

Since I’m currently on TRT, the plan is to drop to a cruising dose of test after the cycle, so no PCT will be needed. I will, however, be monitoring for any sides during this time and will still have aromasin on hand.

The pheraplex is one that I haven’t been able to find a ton of info on. From what I can tell, it’s perhaps on par with D-bol in terms of anabolic effect, but with fewer sides. It came recommended from some teammates.

This is somewhat of a “go big or go home” approach. I’ll be following carb backloading for diet, though I’m undecided if I want to eat the dirty carbs it recommends or not. After a lot of trial and error with other diet methodologies, this diet has been the only way I’ve put on significant muscle with little to no fat gain. I’ll be upping my protein intake, but otherwise will follow the routine I’m currently on.

Other supplements to be taken are:

Fish oil
vitamin d
vitamin b
cycle support (helps with liver function and cholesterol control)
1-2 gallons of water

Let me know if you have any suggestions. Really the only thing in there that I’m not sure about is the P plex, so if anyone has any experience with it, I’d love to hear about it.

Hope this wasn’t too long. Thanks!

Looks good. Only things I noticed:

-If you want to keep any testicular function later in life you should be pinning 250iu HCG sub-q 3 times a week. Hell, just keeping my balls from aching would be enough for me to use it, even if I knew I was done populating the earth.

-Even though you mention you will be keeping an eye for gyno, you didn’t mention E2 control. I would have a couple on hand. My preferences - Letro (AI), Adex (AI), Nolva (serm), just in case anything gets wonky.

-There is a lot of faith behind the 5/3 test/deca ratio, but I am just grasping for straws on that one as I think the 5/4 ration would be fine as well. Just keep test higher than deca.

So, drop the aromasin for something like Nolva? This makes sense, but as a general question, do AIs have any effect on exiating estrogen levels, or do they exclusively block aromatization from test?

I had already planned on talking with my doc about the HCG, and that will be prior to the start of this cycle.

Sorry, I did not notice the aromasin as it was mentioned outside of the typical format. Yes, aromasin would be fine as it is an AI and can be taken the duration of the cycle to manage E2 levels. I may be incorect, but from what I remember, both aromasin and arimedex are self limiting, so you can only lower your E levels to a certain degree, whereas letro can kill them completely.

Nolva is a serm and is for PCT or a quick way to kill gyno that arises. Generally not recommended for any longer than 4-6 weeks, especially something like clomid where it does has a noticable effect for me on eyesight.

A little off topic, but I gotta question you bf %… I’m 5’10 at 185. I’d guess that my bf has to be almost 20% now, maybe a bit higher. So if youre 15 lbs heavier than me, 6 inches shorter, and have a lot less bf it would seem that you have a lot more muscle than me. Yet my squat and deadlift PR’s are about 10% higher than yours, though my bench is 15lbs lower.

Is my logic way off? I dont mean to hijack your thread…just curious about

I may very well have more muscle than you. However, plenty more factors go into strength than amount of muscle.

CNS strength, leverages, experience, confidence, form, injuries, hormone balance, stress, muscular imbalances, recovery, diet…

Don’t they teach you bodybuilders anything? :slight_smile:

Do not use Nolva w/ Deca as it is a 19-Nor and will enhance prolactin issues.

[quote]wonderbeard wrote:
I may very well have more muscle than you. However, plenty more factors go into strength than amount of muscle.

CNS strength, leverages, experience, confidence, form, injuries, hormone balance, stress, muscular imbalances, recovery, diet…

Don’t they teach you bodybuilders anything? :-)[/quote]

This…not to mention, iammikewatts, you don’t even know your actual bodyfat since you are GUESSING its 20%…I would have been embarrassed to make that post if I were you.

I wouldnt use the word embarassed, maybe i’m tasting a bit of my own foot right now though.

…really I just wanted to brag that I can lift more