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Back to your original question.

What supplements do you need?

Well, thats up for you to answer. Seriously. The majority of supplements out there are what I refer to as “convenience nutrition.” Meaning…well, exactly that. Convenient nutritious meals for use WHEN REAL WHOLE FOOD IS UNAVAILABLE DUE TO LOGISTICS OR TIME CONSTRAINTS.
Meal replacements (Met-Rx, Myoplex, etc etc) are just convenient ways to aid in your quest of hitting your caloric and macronutrient targets each day. Use em only when you need to.

Now, another category would be your post workout nutrition. If Surge isn’t an option, then I’d get 1)creatine 2) a good quality whey protein shake 3) dextrose and maltodextrin from brewery shops for post workout carb sources. However, if you can find a good deal on a creatine/carb combo at a REALLY good price, you might wanna go with that just for convenience. Most people aren’t fans of those because they are loaded with sugar and overpriced but if you get a good deal on one, it can be of good use for your post workout drink.
50-75 grams of carbs and 25-50 grams of protein should be alright. Whatever you’re goin for.

You got the multivitamin. The other categories are your pro-hormones and other “muscle-building” (I use that term loosely) supplements. At your stage of the game you don’t need this crap. WHEN you need it, the only one I’d screw around with is Mag 10. That’s a whole 'nother story though.

Some extra vitamin C,E would be cheap insurance…um…you’re bulking I believe, so none of that fat burner stuff would be neccessary.

Healthy oils. Getcha some flax oil and fish oil if you can afford it. This is secondary to food supplements that allow you to reach your caloric surplus though.

Anyways…got bored, prolly wrote too much, hope this sheds some light. You’re gonna have to decide whatcha need. Stay on top of that nutrition, decide what your schedule allows you to do, and supplement accordingly.

If you’re the person that said you WONT use creatine…well, ditch the creatine thing. Post workout carbs and protein still applies though.

In my opinion next to protein, creatine is the next most important supp. Cell-tech is all the rage, but there are others that work also. Cell tech is so effective because of the ALA, high-glycemic carbs, and the 75 grams of dextrose. You can add these in your own way to any creatine. Your local health food store should have all the stuff you need. Creatine edge seems to have worked pretty well, its an effervescent formula and it tastes like crap but there arent a whole lot of supplements out there that provide you with a delightful taste. Dont underestimate the protein make sure you take in plenty, as well as calories. You will not grow without the proper nutrition.

I already went to GNC and bought a little extra stuff:).
I convinced my mom to go with me bcuz she is very health conscious so she bought my vitamin E, Chromium piccolinate(what do u think about this one???), and i bought myself some alpha lipoic acid 100mg 120 softgels.
Damn! 40 bucks just there. This is the only thing i had to pay from my pocket though. I tried to convice her from buying me some creatine but she wouldnt even let me buy it from my own money(yea it sucks being 17). I cant convince her its not something illegal or bad for your health. She thinks its like a fkin steroids or something. Anyway, i think i can keep a better track of my gains without creatine.
About Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg, has anybody used it? did u got good results?
I read it improves ur insulin sensitivity, so it improves ur muscle:fat gain ratio. is this true? i mean, any testimonies?
How many softgels should i be taking a day and when?(im doing massive eating)



ironfrak is espousing the greatness that is cell-tech. bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha!

Cell Tech friggin sucks bro. Studies were done at upwards of 93g carbohydrates, so the measly 75g in Cell Tech doesn’t even get a big enough insulin response to be useful. You’re better of buying a straight creatine mono and throwing it into your PWO shake.

Check out this article by the master JB

scroll to the bottom to the insulin-creatine connection


Man just buy a 10 pound tub of the prolab Nlarge2.

Some of you guys have good points, but you’re all forgetting one thing…If you buy a supplement at GNC and it does not work YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK. You can’t brink back a completely empty container, but you can use most of it and if it does not work…now worrys. If you make 5 shakes out of your protein powder and decide you don’t like the taste…take it back. You tell me ONE website that will do that. But fuck yeah you pay more. Why would I want to try something new if it does not work?? But if you already know it works and what you like, online is the way to go

$40 for 120 ALA soft gels. Man they really got you on that one. You got the high hard one handed to you. I would really suggest ordering your supps of the net. 100 100mg ala for an average of $12-15.