Hi everyone,

Tommorrow im going to GNC and only have $50 to spend
What are the supllements you think i should buy?
im in my first bulking phase ever so my priorities right now are gaining the most muscle or gaining the minimum fat possible. Optimizing my muscle/fat gain ratio would be great.

I already have vit c, a multivitamin, my post workout shake.
I only count with this ammount of money and want to get the most out of it.

Thanks again,


a protein powder is all your missing.

… in fact… it should have been the first ‘supp’ you should purchase.


GNC is the biggest rip off out there. Go to protein factory, dpsnutrition, netrition, to name a few. if you can find a local discount nutrition store for the same stuff for less price, the go there but never shop at GNC!

go to save mart instead.

You should go to GNC because they have a sale on new Isopro Ultra Low carb, it is a microfiltered isolate with 4-hydroxyisoleucine, alpha lipoic acid, and d-pinotol. The tubs are cheapest.

They also have a sale on their own brand of protein mix which is only $19.99.

I had some time to kill at the mall the other day while waiting to get a hair cut. The same protien powder that I order online for $30 was $45 there. I was also running low on creatine but could find any without extra shit mixed. When I asked the lardo behind the counter he said they stopped carry straight creatine. WTF?

netrition. People still go to GNC? Buy protien powder. $50 isn’t alot, how much food do you have lined up? You’re not going to spend your 50 on supplements and then eat 3 meals a day of yogurt and sandwich meat are you?

I’d rather have a colostomy than shop at GNC

Not only do you get ripped off in terms of price, but they do the full court press on you to try to sell you vitamins and other stuff. Unrelentless. Up here in Canada they sell tubs of Surge for $90. That’s right, $90. I’ve commented on the outrageous price before and all I got was pressure to buy more vitamins.

You get your haircut at the mall?



Oh by the way…

GNC is a rip, a little research will get you more bang (read bodybuilding supps) for your buck. I know, I know, it’s cool to walk in there and talk with the dude or chick behind the counter about training and goals and luck you’ve had with one product or another, but it’s generally not worth it, even if it’s the first 5 days of the month or whatever the promotion is these days.

Do what you want, but be sure to have a PLAN before you go into any store. They’ll try to sell you anything and everything.

Take care


I would say the best buy there is the Pro Complex protein powder. Its 29.99 at my GNC, and has about 55 grams of protein. Also if you join their gold club, u get 20% off at the first of the month including what you buy that day.

u guys have lard asses at ur GNC? I have skinny ass indian guys behind the counter. They dont carry surge either.

yeah but sometimes they have girls with nice butts working there. then you can impress them with your nutritional and supplement knowledge. that usually gets them pretty wet for me. then before i leave i always make sure i grab some tribex, so she’ll no i can keep a boner going day and night!

Netrition is the single greatest website that sells things in the entire world. Their prcies are the bst on the web, and they happen to be located about 10 minutes away from me, so I get supplements the next day. Plus, if you order enough stuff, you can have an entire work out wardrobe for free!

i’ll throw my plug in for Netrition aswell. they even ship to little ol’ NZ. and it still is cheaper than buying shit of the shelves.

i think dps has cheaper prices than netrition. at least on biotest products.

Vitaplus is another good online supp company. GNC rips you off even with that super monday thing. I think that is what they call it. I usually order from netrition. It’s definitely a quality online company.

Whatever you do, don’t buy GNC brand Protein, unless you want to have blood pressure problems. Their protein mix is loaded with bad cholesterol. Matter of fact one of my friends started using GNC Protein and his blood pressure increased to a high risk level. His doctor tried to put him on medication. Quit taking the protein, and 2 weeks later he was fine.

Thank u guys for ur replies.
What productd then should I buy?
i was thinking maybe some ALA to optimize muscle/fat gain ratio. what else could it be?
im already using met-rx original mrp and have enough for about 1 more month.
any other product that i NEED to buy?
(oh, and i wont use creatine)



astdjm… I’m interested in your comment about GNC protein. I’ve been using GNC’s protein for some time now and just recently had my yearly checkup / bloodwork. No bad blood pressure and my cholesterol was fine too. Admittedly, I buy GNC’s protein because I get a 6lb tub for $33.95 + %20 discount which is pretty good compared to other prices. I’ve used Low Carb Grow and love it but it’s a bit tougher on the 'ol budget considering how much I go through every day. Now I don’t suppose I would know the bad protein from the good and would love to hear more reasons why GNC’s protein shouldn’t be taken but I have to disagree with the BP / cholesterol problems. But then again, your mileage may vary…

I too have used GNC protein without any blood pressure problems. However, I’m much in agreement that their prices are way too high. But in a pinch - when I forget to order from DPS, I’ll continue to use GNC protein. But you have to admit that they have the best prices on Hotstuff and Cybergenics…I can’t seem to find them on line for some reason…