GNC Test Boosters Ruin your Natty Test at age 16?

i am 16 and i am looking to increase my test and have an enhance with lifting without taking creatine or protein.

if i were to take gamma-o a herbial test booster would it effect my natural test forever ? would one cycle hurt me?btw its sold at GNC, does that mean it is safe for a minor to take without seriously damaging his growth or natural test?

eat lots and lots of red meat, eggs, and natural peanut butter. Saturated fats and cholesterol from these foods and other red meats will help raise your already high t-levels man.

No need for a t-booster in my opinion.

Eat lots of whole foods!!!

This can’t actually be real

OP did you actually post this in the steroid section OR did the mods move it?

i guess i dont remember putting it in riods

test boosters will not damage your natural test.

They will however do nothing at 16. Take that money and buy some meat or whey.

will they stunt my growth do you think ?


They will not do anything at your age.

Test boosters are not steroids, they will have no affect on your hormone levels because your 16.

Test boosters barely do anything, and they do nothing when your young.

why woudlnt they do anything?

Your natural test levels are near their max production.

Stimulating production is only effective once production declines.

You cant boost test anymore if its already maxed out, like it is when your still in puberty.

After a man’s hormones have stabilized (usually a few years after puberty) they will not get any higher, naturally. Some people turn to test boosters to get the most out of their natural production. I think the herbs in a well made test booster have an effect on the cells that signal/stimulate (I’m unsure) testosterone production.

At 16, assuming you are going through puberty, your test levels are going to be at or near your personal high point. Everything in your body should be working at full swing.

And besides it says on the label not to use if under the age of 21. Shouldn’t that tell you something right there if the company making the product is purposely limiting its profits by excluding potential customers from a specific group of the population?


another thing to watch out for is some of the somewhat potent AI that are in some test boosters. I don’t think ‘Gamm-O’ has one in it…but if a 16 year old where to take Gaspari Novedex with ATD or another of the AI with Methyl-ATD in it then it could affect ones hormonal levels…again something we don’t want to do at a young age. lol

OP your test is very high right now…the summer between my junior and senior year of high school I put on 25lbs of lean muscle…thats over like 2 months. Just stuff your face with quality nutrients and lift very heavy stuff…you will grow.

I’ll reiterate WASTE OF MONEY.



nobody answered my question though will they hurt my natural test production or stop me from growing ?

yes, they will completely shut down your test production. and as far as growth, you will probably lose about a foot. And that’s not all. Once test production stops, you will immediately grow large breasts (double d’s to be specific) and your penis and testicles will be sucked into your body to be replaced by a giant, sagging vag.

Now, time to be serious. You have plenty of credible people that just told you that they are a waste of money at your age, why even bother? Take their advice and spend that money on food. You dont need a test booster.

They will do absolutely nothing for you whatsoever but waste your money. No growth stunting, no test shutdown, no extra gains etc… They might as well be homeopathic for someone who is 16.

If you insist on trying one then just get a basic trib product. I would rather spend that money on protein if I were you. I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want to use protein.

NEVER I MEAN NEVER, run creatine is will liquefy your kidneys and when your not looking it will fuck your sister.

zero affect on natural production, good or bad.

[quote]Growing_Boy wrote:
NEVER I MEAN NEVER, run creatine is will liquefy your kidneys and when your not looking it will fuck your sister.[/quote]





-OP yes it will make your dick fall off and your wallet lighter…for the last time NO means NO…geeez this guy is a future rapist in the making…

I just skimed over the responses if this was said already im sorry. I have to comment.

Test boosters do little. what they do though is they will bring you up to your natural ability
They will not allow you to make more test than normal.

so say you are turning 30, your production is slowing down test boosters will help you get back to your natural max you were producing before you started slowing.

at 16 you are already at that max level so you will do nothing by taking a test booster. you will literally be pissing away 30-100 dollars a bottle of herbal shit.

your hormones are off the charts right now, your body just started producing these hormones at sky high levels, physicaly you have no idea how to handle that.
it takes years for your body to get used to hormonal changes and you are in the very start of this change.
you are in for a rough ride through your late teens.

my advice is instead of supplments invest that money into food.
Eat like a pig
lots of meat,eggs,greens
lots and lots of milk. gallon a day is not unheard of and is not extreme

milk is IMO the life blood of any active teen.
liftheavy,lift often take advantage of your hormones now.
take a few years to get to know your body, right now you are just starting to learn about yourself.
if you pay attention and listen to your body by about 30 you will finaly know yourself enough to know what you need and what you do not.

OP is an obvious idiot who doesnt research anything,

Now to something more important, MAK40 what the hell is your avatar? I love it

P.S Just eat lots of food dude

[quote]MangoMan305 wrote:
OP is an obvious idiot who doesnt research anything,

Now to something more important, MAK40 what the hell is your avatar? I love it

P.S Just eat lots of food dude[/quote]

haha, thanks man! My favorite snowboard company is named airblaster, and last year they had a special clothing event in which they made about 500 pieces of hand made snowboard wear (shirts, pants, jackets, beanies ect.) and they called it “sasquatch.” my avatar is the logo they used on the clothing. i was very lucky and got my hands on a sasquatch jacket (number 15 of 35). so, basically its a special logo.