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GNC Sustained Protein Powder?

Anyone have any opinions on GNC’s Sustained Protein Blend? (7-Hour Sustained-Release Protein)

Basically, is it a decent protein?

(I know Biotest has great products, so I’m not asking to be pointed in that direction, I just want to know what one thinks about this specific one from GNC.)

Looks like it hangs its hat on the “sustained release” idea, but any micellar casein will do that. (Like Metabolic Drive, not that I’m pointing you in that direction even though it also has whey isolate and is basically the same price with free shipping within the US). This article talks more about the different benefits of different proteins in general.

Also recognize that “native whey” and “native casein” aren’t really things. It’s basically marketing terminology with no concrete or universal definition, like “net carbs” or “natural”.

If I understand what it’s supposed to mean, it’s unfiltered, which means a higher risk of allergens like lactose. Contrast that with (again, whoops) Metabolic Drive which is filtered, does reduce lactose content, and is often used by people who can’t handle milk products.

Long story short, the GNC stuff is store brand protein. It’s probably somewhere between maybe-not-terrible and decent. But the flavor and mixability can be another story.

GNC? There is nothing at gnc that you can’t get cheaper somewhere else for the same item or better even if you have to pay shipping. They are just way overpriced.

Thanks for that answer.

I had a question - on all 4 flavors of Metabolic Drive, it says it contains soy (lecithin). Now maybe the (lecithin) makes that something good, I don’t know.

But what’s the deal with it? I know it’s a good protein but I’ve read countless articles here on T-Nation proclaiming with the evils of soy and the complete lack of health benefits, along with the health risks.

Is it such a small amount that it doesn’t matter, or is the lecithin good? Would you please explain what lecithin is? I really have no clue.

And this is on an (somewhat) unrelated topic, but would you recommend Superfood? For anyone? I was just looking at Biotest’s products, and saw Superfood. I can’t say I’ve read much besides some of TC’s stuff recommending it. It’s got some maltodextrin, corn starch, and rice flour in it, which I don’t imagine are amazing for you, but the rest of it sounds pretty amazing and like it’s something you’d be foolish not to take.

Soy lecithin is not the same as soy protein. It’s basically in protein powders to act as an emulsifier and help the powder mix/dissolve. It doesn’t contain phytoestrogens.

I would. It’s basically “nutrition insurance” to get the good stuff from a ton of fruits and vegetables that would be basically impossible to eat from the same amount of whole food.

Why don’t you imagine that? Again, those ingredients are in Superfood, from what I understand, basically to help the powder’s consistency when mixed without affecting the flavor. They’re ultimately trace amounts and don’t even add up to significant macros (it’s about 1-2g total carbs per serving).


Thanks. This helped me understand a few things I just hadn’t understood before.

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