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GNC sucks!

I was just at a GNC this weekend in Cleveland and asked the stupid employee if they had any biotest products. He said ‘biotest?’, ‘Never heard of them are they new’.
So please nobody ever take any supplement advice from a GNC employee.

You’re a retard. Idiots like you don’t deserve to be here at T-mag. By the way, I work at GNC and if you’re ever in Arizona, come into my store and I’ll properly “educate” you.

I used to work at GNC as well. The average employee there is not required to be a personal trainer and gets paid less than minimum wage plus commission to sell certain products. That is like blaming the fry cook at Mc Donald’s for not knowing the daily income figures. They aren’t paid to teach you to train, which means you need to educate yourself before you walk into one. Personally, I feel that anyone who works at a GNC and actually knows what they are talking about is overqualified for the position and should consider quitting, but don’t blame the guy behind the counter. I was in med school and a certified personal trainer which is one reason I quit after hearing the 500th person ask “what is creatine and does it just make you hold water?”

Machine,I’m not going to bash you,you may well be very knowledgeable.But in my experience,I haven’t met a knowledgeable employee at GNC, and I’ve been to a lot.There are some out there,no doubt,but I think most stores look for a good sales person to sell overpriced items to uneducated consumers.Consumers fault in a sense. As for anyone in the Halifax area,they have Biotest surge for $ 90 at GNC.Waaaaaay too much for me,it’s nice to go to L*** & S**** to get it for $65

I am a GNC employee. I work there because I like the extra money, and would rather help someone make the right decisions in selecting supplements than fold clothes at a clothing store. I feel my knowledge is well above average. I do use Biotest supplements almost exclusively. I feel that Biotest has the best products on the market. Think before you make irrelevant statements. By the way, I usually order my AP from the Biotest website or Netrition.com. I work at GNC to pay for supplements and gym memberships. The only products I ever buy from my own store is the occasional protein bar. Train Smart.

Machine I’m not the retard because I don’t work at GNC as my career.
The ol’ kid: you get surge for 49.99 at sndcanada.com

You can’t judge ALL GNC’s by just one or two you might visit. I just about dropped my jaw when I walked into the GNC at the Crossroads in Omaha. They carried the FULL Biotest line. I’ve seen a couple of products at most GNCs I’ve been to, but not the WHOLE line. The guys that work there also happen to know Cy Wilson and we talked about various things from articles on T-mag to the new protein bars as well as other things. So I agree… don’t be so quick to judge.

I’ve never really met a knowledgeable person at a GNC…i’m not saying that there isn’t any, i just haven’t experienced it. And like the 'Ol kid said…they’re way too expensive…even with the gold card. The guys at the GNC in Halfiax don’t seem to know much at all…

If you read this forum/website regularly, why would you think of even going to GNC??? You could get the Biotest products cheaper from this site.
As a matter of fact, if you looked into it, you could get any product that they sell at a much better price elsewhere.
That place is nothing but a BIG JOKE!

Hey Ol’Kid I know you probably want to support your independant local, but Heavyweights in St.Johns and SND in Ont. both sell Grow and Surge for $50 each. SND ships Express post ($5.95<$100 FREE>$100) I was paying the same here in TO. As you can imagine that fifteen bucks adds up pretty quickly.

I also work for GNC and funny someone mentioned Biotest at the Crossroads store in Omaha. I am the one who is largely responsible for getting Biotest in there. I work at the Grand Island store and I had been bugging the owners for quite some time to get the full line in and they blew me off for a while until a former sales rep for EAS went to work for Biotest and then they started coming to me asking more about the line. We’ve had it in for about three months now and we’re flying through it. Despite the price, Mag-10 is one of our best-selling sports nutrition products, and Low-carb Grow is destroying the competition. I agree that many GNC employees are “uninformed.” I have walked into many GNC’s and been very disappointed with the help. Don’t stereotype all of us as being idiots though…look around and there’s a few of us that actually know what’s going on.

I’ve always found it fun to walk into a GNC and ask the sales assistant, “Hi, uhh, I’m looking for this product…it’s called d-bol, or something like that. Do you have any??” It can be quite funny when the assistant goes to check in the back room.

Did I say I work at GNC for a career? There you go jumping to conclusions again. You give people who read this magazine a bad name. If I ever saw you in a gym with a Testosterone shirt on I would go Happy Gilmore on your skinny ass. Not that I need to explain myself but I’m a full-time business student at ASU approaching graduation, full-time father and husband, and work part-time at GNC. Even though I’m extremely busy and have a stressful life I could still kick your ass in the gym. By the way, I’ve held plenty of other jobs that paid more and might be more respectable to you but my job at GNC allows me to put school, family, and training first while still making some money. At the same time I can give good advice to the sheep like you who walk in not knowing a damn thing. I will agree that for the most part, most employees at GNC or any other health food store do not know very much. Same goes for the average personal trainer.

i just checked out that sndcanada.com website, ive been looking for somewhere in canada to order biotest from and it looks like i found it. thanks for putting that info out jason jones

Frankly the GNC’s I have visited in the past fail to carry any Biotest products. However this does not suggest any concrete guidlines throughout GNC’s chain stores in relation to Biotest distribution. Apparently, as confirmed here, they vary. Nevertheless, my extend my commendations to those who do supply the consumer with Biotest products. However it’s quite a wallet breaker.

How were the prices at the Crossroads GNC? Omaha is just a hop skip and jump for me, and the GNC near here charges way too much, and another at our mall hasn’t heard of Biotest. I have been trying to find a local source at good prices. I usually buy from Biotest taking advantage of their 3 for 2 deal, and try to hit the free shipping with $150 orders, but I would like to find a source for smaller purchases between my large Biotest orders.

Hey man, let me let you in on a little info. GNC corporate does not carry any biotest product so it’s hard to get in. If your a franchise though you can get it straight from biotest and sell it, I work at a GNC in a college campus and had to push for months to get biotest in. Now it’s about the hottest thing in my area. Second you are a jack off for making a blanket evaluation that we know nothing. Albeit many gnc employees know about as much about muscle building as a teenage anorexic girl, however there are also people like myself who study training and diet protocols more than I study school related shit.

I need to chime in on this post. I own a Nutri-Sport store and yes GNC does suck. 90% of them are stocked with high school kids that don’t know crap about nutrition, products or training. Yes, there are the exeptions where some of the people working there are exceptional(like those who have posted). But you cannot dispute the fact that most GNC’s are staffed by people who do not have a clue. Also most of the corporate stores do not carry Andro products or many ephedra products either. I’d be willing to bet my ass that the Omaha store is not corporate owned. Why anyone would go to a corporate GNC store is beyond me.
If you really want a good store with excellent product selection, fair pricing, and people who care you must get off of your ass and find them. I’d like to say that I have that kind of store. Great prices, knowledgeable staff,people who give a shit and products you will never find in a GNC. If you are ever in Indy hit the Nutri-Sport and see a real sports nutrition store( NOT health food wanna be like GNC).

I live on Indy’s South side. Where is your store located at?

Hey Machine,

Which GNC do you work at? I just might stop by to say hello. I live in Scottsdale.