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GNC Selling HOT-ROX Extreme

Has anyone else here seen gnc selling HOT-ROX Extreme? not just regular HOT-ROX, but the ones sold here. I noticed my gnc in a small town has them now, even with the T-Nation symbol on it. Oddly enough, the color of the tablets are black on one side, orange ring around the middle, and a dark dark red on the other side. This is different from the black on one side, yellow center ring, and bright red on the other side as sold here on T-Nation. What’s up with this one, is it better or something? They’re selling it for 60 bucks a bottle which I think is absurd, seeing as how I got mine for 30 bucks.

I haven’t seen it, but it sounds purdy though.

My opinion is the more places that sell it the better. More money means cooler products here at T-Nation.

I also get my original 50 tablet Spike bottles fro GNC too, and they also sell the original Trib supplement Biotest made, and Fahrenheit (the woman HOT-ROX) too…

Vitamin Shoppe carries it too. They also carry Alpha Male and Spike Shooters.

can anyone explain the different color though?

When “regular” HOT-ROX was being sold GNC carried a less potent version, so it could be the same thing here.

Thats also true ,i even work at gnc and the capsules are different colors and i don’t even know if its the same thing as the HRX on this site. the supplement facts are the same just the yellow line in the capsules is orange ,maybe someone can help me out with that also?