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GNC Rant

So I pick up some HOT-ROX Extreme today at GNC(I had a gift card) and the guy keeps questioning me like “do u like that” blah blah blah. Anyway the bastard kept telling me how amazing another hardcore brand is blah blah I’ve had people lose 100 pounds on that stuff yada yada yada. He says they never sell HOT-ROX etc. All this to say I hate GNC becuz they always try to sell whatever “hardcore” product that is the most advertised on T.V. and whatevers the new hot thing on the market. I’m long well I trust Biotest and I like their stuff. He just looked at me and was like, “uh…ok…return it in 30 days for your money back and if it doesnt work you can try the other brand”

GOD I HATE GNC and their overpriced supplements pushed hard by their out of shape unenviable employees.

Yes, every time I go in there to pick something up (which is not often) the staff are very pushy and practically wait right beside me in an attempt to pressure me into buying. And the shit that’s always by the counter is No-Xplode etc. I do not like GNC very much. I can’t believe the shit I hear them telling clueless people who ask their advice.

On a side note, I sometimes wish I had some T-Nation ‘business cards’ with me that I could just give out, and make it easy to point people in the right direction. Then again, I don’t know if it would be good for T-Nation to be swarmed by “the masses.”

Sorry to hear about your experience, but glad to hear you didn’t take his advice and buy the other brand, and stick with your Biotest loyalties.

Yeah I don’t know if they make more commission off of certain items or what. I know there are some T-Nation members that work for GNC, so maybe they can provide some more information.

The GNC guy basically answered his own question: they sell whatever the most advertised product on TV is, regardless of how good it is.

I even said to him yeh…its the most popular because its advertised all over T.V…and he just kinda shrugged. I was like Biotest is pretty much sold online so its not that popular mainstream and he was like well this other brand works. I walked out and said to my girlfriend “what do they have a damn partnership with them?” So yeh I wonder if they do have some sort of deal with some of the mainstream companies.

Tmoney is right. Its not really that its the most advertised. Its mostly because they make more commission off of BSN and GNC products than other products. I dont remember the specifics right now but i think it was something like for a regular product they might make 50 cents. But on other products they make 1.50-2.00 dollars.

you guys should be delighted you have GNC to get supps, i went to one of their stores once while on holidays in cali and i thought i was in heaven.

also every shop whether it’s supps, clothes whatever will have knobs trying to push products down your gulliver, just tell them to put a sock in it and buy what you know is quality.

My GNC is about the exact opposite. I go there to get flax seed and greens+ and have a knowledgeable staff that sits at the register and waits for you to come to them if you need help.

I do get a chuckle every time I walk by the words maximum hardcore extreme all in the same product label.

I wish I’d been to a GNC like yours. The two or three I’ve been too they always challenge me. I’m like look, I do my research.

THe guy I train with always needs to pop into the local GNC after leg day (he needs his multi, or some other crap). Anyway, all of the employess look like refugess from some POW camp, and I get followed around the second I enter the store being asked if I have any questions (yeah, what can I do to reach your level of development?! Nothing I do seems to work!)


[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
THe guy I train with always needs to pop into the local GNC after leg day (he needs his multi, or some other crap). Anyway, all of the employees look like refugees from some POW camp, and I get followed around the second I enter the store being asked if I have any questions (yeah, what can I do to reach your level of development?! Nothing I do seems to work!)



You should show them your avatar pic, and tell them you achieved your physique without GNC’s help. That should shut them up really quick.

Agreed Stu. The guy bothering me was a stick and the last one I was at was just a fat guy.

I don’t know, I guess I just try to make GNC work for me. That is, I go in, tell the associate I’m “all set and I’ll let you know if I need anything.”
I then scour the shelves for anything discounted and quality. If I like it and it’s a good price, I buy it. If not, I walk out emptyhanded.
Don’t make youself the victim, make the system work for you…

I work at GNC in Aus. Commission is pretty much non-existent here, and is dependent on a whole lot of variables - read, we don’t get any.

I’m not sure how it is in the states, but occasionally you just get morons that won’t listen to anything you tell them; I’ve had customers ask for protein pills; I’ve had customers ask for a ‘powder that puts on muscle’ when they’re not going to the gym, and have no intention of starting; I have people who ‘eat a lot but can’t put on size’ when they weight about 50kg at 6ft tall. They don’t WANT to hear you, and if you try they just get irritated.

Also be aware that a lot of the customers are basically the lowest common denominator; high school kids looking for some NITRIX stacked with NO-XPLODE stacked with the etc etc etc. I hear BSN owns stacking.

Regardless, you get idiots in any retail industry; shouldn’t expect GNC to be any different. Either tell them you’re happy looking as you have done research etc, or ask them specific detailed scientific questions and watch them crumble.

Aside from the always ‘knowledgale’ sales staff, I pretty much just frown on the stores from a pricing point of view. Everything you find there can be purchased for much less anywhere else. Aside from my Biotest purchases, I get most of my other stuff from BB.com, and when I see the list prices in a GNC compared to what I pay, it’s just crazy.


LOL, oh man, this reminds me of a funny story. So I was in GNC the other day looking to purchase some creatine monohydrate (I usually get mine at Walmart but they were all out damnit). Anyways, I walk up to the girl at the counter and I ask her to show me where the cheapest creatine monohydrate was. She walks over to some GNC tubs of creatine and points to one that is $11.99 (about what I pay at Walmart) that is the size of my Centrum bottle at home (the small one). I say, “ummmm… anything bigger?”.

And of course the one that is the same size as the one I get at Walmart was $39.99. I gasp. “Geez, the stuff I get at Walmart is about $12, that’s crazy.” And then she says, “This is GNC brand creatine monohydrate, it’s like, the best.” I said thanks and walked out. I guess it goes to show the general public is clueless about this sort of thing. I guess that’s why I see all those bullshit ab commercials on TV. LOL.

Haha I had a similar experience at smoothie king. Asked if they have micronized creatine monohydrate and he says yeh of course. Shows me like a 100 grams of non micronized creatine for the price I pay for 500g. I said what else yeh got…he’s like uh pills…Dumbass didnt even know what micronized meant. I walked out.

I go into GNC once in a while if im at the mall and need a RTD drink. I almost never have this problem wth the staff tho. Maybe because I’m way fuckin bigger than they are? I dont know. Remeber, GNC hires people who know how to sell, not those who know about supplemnts and such.

I think I’m going to head down to my GNC now…

I go to GNC once in a while but I never let them talk me into something I don’t want. I order from Biotest direct and have been very happy. That’s the way I’ll keep it. If it’s not broken, don’t mess with it!!!

I just walked into my local GNC this afternoon. Picked up a Spike Shooter. Also checked their prices on the bottles of yellow Spike tabs. Payed more than I wanted to for the Spike Shooter and passed on the tabs because of the price. Was only asked once if I could be helped. I assured them I couldn’t and was immediately left to my own devices.

So ,yes they’re expensive. And, no they don’t have much of what I want of need. But they leave me alone for the most part and they are there in a pinch… like when I need a Spike Shooter at the mall. Maybe it helps to not be approachable. :wink: