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GNC: Mega Men's Multi


Does anyone here use this brand of multi vitamin? I just got some yesterday and it says take two tablets daily with food... Could i take both of them at the same time? and wouldnt it be cheaper on our part just to take 1 daily saying one has still a remarkable amount of everything in it?


Does it contain Iron?


I usually only take a multivitamin when dieting. The reason is because this is the only time where I am sure I may be missing some areas of nutrition with a reduced calorie diet. Either way, the goal for most is not to just get a "remarkable amount of everything". I do believe the amounts you see on the side of the box is what is found in two capsules, not one. It has been a long time since I used that brand (I used to work at a GNC) and I now consider them extremely overpriced in spite of being a decent product. You can get over 400 capsules at Sam's Club and I think their multi is just as effective. I usually take two of those a day and the price I paid this weekend was just over 9 bucks.


In my opinion, GNC multis are very competitive in the higher end market.

Aside from having daily values directed towards men and women specifically they are coated with something called chloraseal that helps with it's digestion into the intestine.

There is no iron.

There is no such thing as a true "one-a-day" multi. Being water soluable, it's impossible to maintain those levels through a 24 hr period. This is why GNC recommends you take one with breakfast, one with dinner, to help keep your levels consistant.

Do not take both together!


Their vitamins are the ONLY thing I buiy at GNC. I love em.

Then i go look at the NO2 and laugh


I do the same thing as prof.x and its really effective. Just seperate the doses during the day instead of taking it at the same time. It's been said numerous times on this website.


so what if i did take them both at one time? because i did this morning...


Get to a hospital...QUICK!


You will clearly die within the next 24 hours. Call your loved ones and say your goodbyes . . . .


You'd be wasting your money...

GNC makes awesome vitamins...like someone said above they are higher end vitamins and they are one of the few well known brands in which all you will see "all elemental" in the small print. That means you are actually getting the percentages they tell you rather then a watered down (not literally) vitamin. They encourage you to take one 2 times daily so the does is spread out and you dont piss out all the excess and you get the most for your money.


I work at GNC. I mostly buy the Ultra Mega Gold w/o iron. Most of GNC's multivitamins are better than other brands I've tried, but they are expensive.

Personally, I like the Ultra Mega Green, but it does have about 10gm of iron. Yes, I know that men don't need extra iron, but most of the other minerals in UM Green are in dosages high enough to interfere with iron absorption. Supposedly they make one without iron, but I haven't seen it yet.

My least favorite was the Mega Men.

BTW, the Mega Men Sport is the biggest load of crap in the store (except maybe NO2). Lets take a male specific vitamin, and replace the saw palmetto with about a tenth of a gram of BCAA's. Ridiculous.



I only use one Mega Man tablet a day. I follow TC's advice and cut it in half (increases surface area). I take one half with a PC meal and the other half later on with a PF meal.


Althought it seems general consensus say that they like GNC's vitamin, I dont concur. Try something like Source of Life for Men or Life's Fortune, hell even Animal Pak. All of those have shown to be far better in terms of quality. If you can afford GNC's multi you can afford all of these.

If I had to pick one, I would go with the Source of Life for Men, it is just an all around better vitamin my friend. PM me if ya want anymore info on em.


Search for Life Essentials Multi at the Vitamin Shoppe website