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GNC Mega Man VS. Centrum A-Zinc


which is the better multi-vitamin?


I personally like centrum, with a well balanced diet and protien shakes you can get all the bcaas you need throughout the day w/o the mega man, plus its not as expensive.


I do not have either sitting in front of me, but as I remember GNC Mega Men has higher doses of many of the vitamins and minerals, plus includes some additional herbs that are supposed to be good for men.

As memory serves there is some Gotu Kola, Saw Palmetto, and maybe some Ginseng and Maca. Whether there is enough of any of the herbs to do much good is up in the air. I do not know off hand and I do not have the time to research it before going to work.

So, bottom line, GNC wins content wise.

The other thing you have to look at though is price. Is the vitamin/mineral and herb content of GNC's product superior to buying the Centrum and taking a double dose plus buying some individual herb pills?

Again, I do not have time to crunch the numbers for you.

Just, whatever you do, do not go with an Animal Pak. Ugh, was that a mistake on my part...


I'm sure GNC mega man is better, but I use centrum because they sell it at walmart/samsclub and it's cheap as hell.


Centrum has Iron as well. Good...good for you.


Mega mans profile is nothing to smirk at and as a multi,is very reasonably priced.It's loaded with quality nutrients.keep that gold card handy!


I use Twinlab's One Daily. If only Biotest would come out with one (hint, hint)...


I've never taken Centrum, but GNC seems to be a great vitamin when cycled.
I've had the biggest boost in my emotional state from GNC than other vitamins I've taken.


Centrum has a synthetic binder compound that inhibits total absorption of it. All I will say is go for a good organic multi that contains no fillers or binders, that way you ensure you obtain total absorption of the product.


Actually, most men should avoid supplemental iron as we already get plenty and we'd don't lose any unless we donate blood.

For this reason alone, I'd skip over Centrum.


Not if you get the one for seniors it lacks trhe iron thats what I use.



I am not entirely sold on the multi-vitamin deal. In alot of cases you cant absorb a certain vitamin/mineral if you consume a certain vitamin/mineral at the same time. (EX: zinc and calcium, magnesium and calcium). I find it better to get what you can from foods, and possibly take an extra C and E supplement. (I reccomend taking E with your fish oil).

But if your looking for the most potent vitamin between GNC's and Centrum's, go for the Ultra Mega Gold from GNC. It gives you B complex 100 compared to 50 for the mega mens and also gives you small amounts of your protease, lipase, and amylase. The mega men sport is a rip off, as it only gives you 50 mg of leucine, isoleucine and valine and trace amounts of Ginko and green tea.

Better yet their mega men live well formula is the best vitamin at GNC. It contains more of certain vitamins, an antioxident blend, a nice amount of fiber, 6 grams of protein, and some saw palmetto and such. It is also buy one get one half off until the end of the month. The downfall is that it only comes in a horrible strawberry flavor; the upside is we will be getting chocolate and vanilla flavors in hopefully tomorrow.

Can any of you guess where I work?


I am actually thinking about trying out "ON's" Multi. The bottle says to take it 3 times a day, but I think 2 should be sufficient. One in the morn, one at night


Whenever someone mentions GNC's multi, I think of a blue robot that shoots fireballs out of his left arm.


HMMMM.....I'm guessing you work at GNC. I bought the Mega Men Sport Vitapaks, with 7 vitamins in one pack (Mega Men Sport, L-Glutamine, Men's Energy Enhancer, and Nitric Oxide Maximizer). Is this better than the Ultra Mega Gold? The manager told me the Vitapaks are the best vitamins.


That vitapack is better than the ultra mega gold. BUT the other pills they stick in that vitapack are nearly trace amounts of a couple different products. If you look at the NO maximizer, they cut that in half of what the real product is, they do the same with the glutamine.

Here is another issue. The mega men should be taken twice a day; once in the morning and another about 5 hours later. The NO booster and energy pill should be about 30 mins before workout. Then the glutamine is immediately after workout (if you take glutamine you should take about 5-10 grams a day, not the small amount in the vitapack). However, the vitapack is conveniently placed in 30 individual packets and all the pills are meant to be taken at once. It makes it alot easier to sell if you tell the customer to just pop all those pills at once.

If i were to take a vitamin from GNC I would take the ultra mega gold (w/out iron), the Ultra mega greens vitamin (w/out iron will be available very soon), or the powdered mega men. My lifestyle shows me no need for extra herbal energy, NO boosters, and minimal amounts of glutamine that that vitapack has to offer.

This is just my opinion, I know quite a few people who are very happy about taking the mega men sport or any of the number of vitapacks GNC has to offer.


Isn't Mega Men time released? So couldn't you just take two in the morning?


5 hour time release


My bottle says to take 2 daily. That's what i've been told to do by a GNC guy and that's what I have done. Should I have just taken one in the morning and another in the evening?


It is optimal to take it one pill two times a day